17 Ways to Eat S’mores Without the Campfire

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Lots of fun s’mores recipes including cookies, brownies, and ice cream! Who needs a campfire?? 

Lots of fun s'mores recipes including cookies, brownies, and ice cream!

Towards the end of summer, as kids start heading back to school, I always get a little sad and a wee bit nostalgic. It’s not that I want summer to continue per se (because OMG– I can’t wait to get my kid’s butt back in school!)... it’s just that I always wish I had eaten more s’mores over the course of the summer.

Yes. I get FOMO over s’mores. This is serious, people.

In an effort to remind myself that there’s more than one way to eat a s’more– and that it doesn’t have to be in the summertime around a campfire– I’ve put together 17 of my favorite s’mores recipes.

Enjoy. And, for heaven’s sake, go make one last s’more before summer ends!


  1. Peanut Butter S’mores Dip– this one is SO GOOD. A melty layer of Reese’s cups is underneath all those roasty, toasty marshmallows on top. Use a graham cracker to dip!

Peanut Butter S'mores Dip


2. S’mores Muddy Buddies– here’s an easy, no-bake twist on a S’more! Graham crackers and Chex cereal coated in chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. An addictive snack to say the least 🙂



3. Funfetti S’mores Cupcakes– so many layers of goodness in one little cupcake! A funfetti cake filled with marshmallow cream sits on top of a graham cracker crumb crust. In lieu of frosting, each cupcake is topped with chocolate ganache and a toasted marshmallow!



4. Lunch Box S’mores– I named these Lunch Box S’mores, because it’s everything you need in a s’more in a perfectly on-the-go package! Using Peeps for the marshmallow gives these a super fun look.



5. Slow Cooker S’mores Brownies– I’m always on the lookout for great slow cooker recipes, especially for dessert! These brownies are fudgy and gooey and so delicious.

DSC_2045-edited (1)


6. S’mores Pumpkin Cupcakes– graham cracker crust, moist pumpkin cupcake with a marshmallow cream filling, chocolate ganache, and a toasted marshmallow to top it all off! The perfect blend of summer and fall in one decadent dessert.



7. Homemade Graham Crackers– okay, so these aren’t technically s’mores. But they’re totally worth mentioning! Have you ever had a s’more on a homemade graham cracker?? It is to. die. for. DO IT!!



8. Toasted Rice Krispie Treats S’mores– toasted marshmallows (instead of MELTED) are used in these rice krispie treats. Which gives them the campfire taste we all love in s’mores! Cut one in half and fill it with a little chocolate and a toasted marshmallow for the best s’more of your life.



9. Reese’s S’mores Chocolate Cookies– if you like reese’s in your s’mores, these cookies are for you!



10. Peeps S’mores Pies– one of the EASIEST and most delicious desserts on the planet! Use store-bought mini graham crusts to make this recipe extra quick & easy. Filled with a simple chocolate ganache and topped with a sweet peep!



11. Pumpkin S’mores Parfaits– darling and delicious trifles made with pumpkin cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate covered graham crackers. Everything sprinkled with mini marshmallows of course!



12. Peanut Butter S’mores Granola Bars– SO much better than the store-bought version!



13. Ritz Cracker S’mores– these little babies are life changing. Sweet and salty lovers rejoice! You are going to fall in love with this simple variation on s’mores.



14. Ooey Gooey Butter S’mores Cookies– have you ever made ooey gooey butter bars? This is a cookie version of that made with marshmallow cream and hershey milk chocolate bars!



15. Nutter Butter S’mores Magic Bars– if you’ve never made your s’mores on a Nutter Butter instead of a graham cracker, YOU MUST! It is absolutely epic. And then after you’ve tried that, go make these Nutter Butter S’mores Magic Bars!



17. Red Velvet Nutella S’mores– are you ready for this?? Red velvet graham crackers (YES!) filled with Nutella and marshmallow cream. It’s insane!



17. S’moreo 7-Layer Bars– I love a good S’moreo, and turning them into 7-layer bars just makes them that much better!


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  1. Oh my, I think I’m going to have to make every single one of these!! S’mores is not a big deal here in Australia itself, but it is in my household!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my profile on voiceboks. I am your newest follower. My smores have NEVER looked like yours. Don’t show my kids your blog – they will think I am incompetent. 🙂

  3. I love smore and what a way to enjoy summer with this classic dessert!

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