About Us

Welcome to Swanky!

Food is such an integral part of all our lives. We need it to survive, bond over, and share some of the saddest and happiest moments.

But perhaps most important of all – many of us just enjoy the taste of delicious food!

That’s certainly the case for us here at “Swanky” (as we refer to it), and is the reason why our team dedicates time to finding amazing recipes, the best ingredients, and most practical kitchen appliances and tools.

There are a more than a few celebrity chef’s out there already. Which is great — we love watching Top Chef just as much as the next person. We’re everyday chefs, and in our kitchen we like to keep real life in mind in our pursuit of all things food related

all clad waffle maker

The Swanky Team

Something Swanky started out as a sweets and desserts blog in 2010, by the original founder Ashton Swank.

Since then, a dedicated food-loving team has taken the reigns. We’ve started branching out into other food categories for this website we like to call Swanky.

Our mission is to share as much of our food knowledge, tips, and experience as we can with you. If we can help you enjoy food even a tiny bit more, then we’ve done our jobs.

Welcome aboard. And remember, always make it a swanky time!

Experience & Accolades

Something Swanky’s founder authored her first cookbook (“Party Popcorn”) in 2014. It received rave reviews from Parade Magazine, Real Simple, and O Magazine, and was featured in Crate and Barrel’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection.

Something Swanky has been featured by LDS Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Country Living Magazine, as well as multiple times on:

Something Swanky recipes have been featured regularly on brand Facebook pages such as:

  • Pillsbury
  • Jell-O
  • Reese’s
  • Hershey’s
  • and more

We have made it our mission to get an A+ on everything we endorse. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with readers so that they can shop with confidence and enjoy their time in the kitchen as much as we do!