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Now it’s time to GENTLY roll out the dough. I emphasize “gently,” because sugar cookie dough needs to be handled with a little TLC. It’s sort of like a pie crust, and it tends to crack or break if you’re too rough with it.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

This elegant Snowflake Bread is simpler to make than you would think.

Snowflake Bread {VIDEO}

This Pecan Pie Bread Pudding has been one of the most popular recipes on Something Swanky since it was published in 2012. Pecan Pie filling poured over thick pieces of bread and baked to perfection!

Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

This recipe starts with a lemon cake mix, which I love! As I’ve said before many times, I love that you know what you’re getting with a cake mix. When you use a cake mix, you know you’ll get a soft, moist, and flavorful result that you can recreate again and again. I used a Duncan Hines 15.25 ounce Lemon Supreme cake mix. You can use a different brand, but be aware that cake mixes do vary slightly in volume. There shouldn’t be a huge difference, but feel free to add a little extra milk to your batter if you use a bigger cake mix and the batter seems too thick.

Red Velvet Pancakes

This Sugar Cream Pie (aka, Hoosier Pie) is quick and easy, because you cook the filling on the stovetop before baking. It doesn't take long to set, and you can eat it warm or chilled! Plus, that crackly cinnamon sugar topping is life ????.

Sugar Cream Pie

 The ultimate sweet & salty cookie! Thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Caramel M&Ms and pretzels.

Rolo Pretzel M&M Cookies