16 Something Swanky Recipes Inspired by Girl Scout Cookies {with links to 50+ more!}

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Recipes Inspired by Girl Scout Cookies at somethingswanky.com | over 70 links to recipes! #samoas #tagalongs #thinmints


I was really bad at math as a kid. So bad, in fact, I remember my parents threatening to take away certain after school activities if I couldn’t pull my grade up. I remember just sobbing out in the yard one day because my mother had taken away my Girl Scouts meeting one week. Seriously. I thought the world had ended.

I’m pretty sure I quit all on my own a year or two after that, but I remember being crazy over Girl Scouts. And I’ve definitely retained quite a soft spot in my heart for the organization. Possibly because their logo is a cookie.

Wait. It’s not a cookie?


Anyway. Last year I did three weeks of Recipes Inspired by Girl Scout Cookies. One week each for Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs (I think two of those have different names this year, but… I’m an old dog over here). Now, in blogger years, 12 months is an eternity. So last year feels like a very long time ago to me. And I hate the photos, my writing style, and most of all– I hate that I had such a small audience last year! These were some really fun recipes to make, and I’m re-posting them now (despite the hideous photography and cringe-worthy writing), because I’d like to give them some time in the spotlight again now that there are a few more people watching ๐Ÿ™‚ .

So if you’re a long-time Something Swanky reader (bless your sweet little heart) and you’ve already seen all these recipes, forgive me the walk down memory lane. If you’re new to Something Swanky within the last year (yay!), I hope you think these are as fun as I do!

Recipes Inspired by Tagalong Cookies at somethingswanky.com #tagalongs #recipes

  • Tagalong Chocolate Bread with PB Cream Cheese Spread: this was my favorite Tagalongs recipe from the week. The bread was chocolatey and yummy, and the peanut butter cream cheese spread was actually really light and complimented the bread perfectly!
  • Tagalong Pops: A homemade version of the original GS cookie but with dipping made easy, because it’s on a stick!
  • Tagalong Dip: I was in a crazy dip phase at this time last year! This dip is primarily a peanut butter cream cheese dip with Tagalong chunks– a peanut butter lovers dream come true! SO addicting!
  • Tagalong Popcorn: This got RAVE reviews from everyone who tasted! Popcorn smothered in peanut butter and chocolate, tossed with crumbled Tagalongs and roasted peanuts for a little extra munch!
  • Tagalong Recipe Round-Up: My apologies here. I thought there were 18 recipes in this round up (which led to the “70+ recipe links” in the main collage), but there are only 8. Fortunately, they’re 8 GREAT recipes from some of your favorite bloggers!


#Recipes Inspired by #Samoas Girl Scout #Cookies at somethingswanky.com

  • Samoas Fudge: A decadent (and easy!) chocolate fudge, smothered in caramel and toasted coconut, plus a delicious cookie crumble crust on the bottom! Our neighbors LOVED this one last year!
  • Samoas Chess Pie: I LOVE cookie chess pies. Like, crazy love. And I thought this one was extraordinary! Check out this recipe for directions to make an entire pie, or simply make a single serving (a la mode)!
  • Samoas Dip: This was EVERYONE’S favorite last year. In fact, if you only make one recipe from all of the Girl Scout Inspired recipes on this site– this is the one! It has a cream cheese base, caramel filled Hershey Kisses, toasted coconut, and caramel sauce. It’s to die for.
  • Samaoas Pudding Mousse: This is rich, decadent, and EASY. And, of course, it brings all the Samoas flavors together in pudding you can whip up in an instant!
  • Samoas Recipe Round-Up: 18 awesome Samoas inspired recipes from some fabulous bloggers!


#ThinMints Inspired #Recipes at somethingswanky.com

  • Thin Mint Pudding Mousse: Again, SUPER easy and way good. Plus, this one can easily be made low cal and low sugar!
  • Thin Mint Cookie Dough Truffles: Cookie dough fanatic? This is what thin mint cookie dough would taste like wrapped in chocolate– like Heaven.
  • Thin Mint Magic Cookie Bars: SO. STINKIN’. GOOD. Like, seriously good. Do you really need an explanation beyond Thin Mints + Sweetened Condensed Milk??
  • Thin Mint Single Serve Diet Coke Cake: Remember that diet coke cake that was big a few years back? All you do is mix diet coke and cake mix, and then a quick spin in the microwave makes a cake! Add a Thin Mint and ice cream for a ridiculously amazing single serve dessert!
  • Thin Mint Cookie Recipe Round-Up: 18 fab Thin Mint Inspired recipes from your favorite bloggers!
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