Tagalong Popcorn Recipe

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I know I’m not getting any originality points for this recipe (as the existence of Thin Mints Popcorn and Samoas Popcorn has been pretty heavily documented on Pinterest lately)– but I just couldn’t resist doing a dessert popcorn recipe for my Girl Scout Cookies series.
And Tagalongs totally fit the bill!
Blasphemous as this sounds: there are certain Peanut Butter and Chocolate foods that I’m not in love with, because they’re a little too rich for me.
I know. Total *gasp* right?
It’s true though. And…. now, this is hard to say… Tagalongs are one of those desserts.
I like them, I daresay, a lot. But, love them? ehhhh…..
It’s just a teensy too much peanut butter for me sometimes…
which is why I’m LOVING the recipes I’m posting this week, especially this one–
they kind of spread the peanut butter love, just enough for me 🙂
It comes together so quickly, with relatively little mess– always a plus.

 Tagalong Popcorn
  • 1 bag popped popcorn, kernels removed
  • 1/2 c. peanut butter and chocolate chips, melted
  • tagalongs* (desired amount)
  • peanuts (desired amount)
  • Mix together the melted chips and the popped popcorn in a large bowl. Use a rubber spatula to stir until popcorn is mostly coated.
  • Roughly chop or crumble tagalongs (I used about 10) into the bowl.
  • Roughly chop up peanuts (I used a small handful) and add to the bowl.
  • Mix again, until tagalongs and peanuts are incorporated evenly(ish) throughout the popcorn.
  • Spread on wax paper to cool and harden chocolate (you could also refrigerate for faster results).

*Keebler has a great substitute for tagalongs! So does Oreo– if you don’t mind a chocolate wafer cookie instead of the shortbread cookie.

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13 thoughts on “Tagalong Popcorn Recipe”

  1. I AM gasping at your outrageous confession of not liking chocolate and peanut butter that much!!! That’s ok…with popcorn treats like this, we will definitely be staying friends forever:-)

  2. I am not surprised; I, too, find chocolate and peanut butter to be overwhelming in most situations. But it sounds like you fine-tuned it into a tolerable perfection here. Love this sweet and salty combination. You are the Queen of Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Manipulation!!

  3. Unfortunately, I have yet to taste a dessert that’s too rich for me. And…I’ve never tried a Tagalong. Strange, I know. This looks so good, I might have to try some!

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