I'm a little grumpy today.
Truthfully: I'm practically fuming.
I spent about 6 (insert explicative here) hours on my (another explicative) laptop yesterday with the sole purpose of finding a suitable replacement for Picnik.
I even had a babysitter. That way I could just sit, and focus, and if I got a little grumpy trying to learn something new– my daughter wouldn't have to see it.
Maybe you've guessed it: I found nothing. Nada. Zero. 
6 hours down the drain.
And still nothing to replace Picnik.
I've been telling myself that I wouldn't start freaking out until March. 
That I'd just wait until March– and if someone hadn't found something comparable by then, I'd let myself panic.
It's March.
I'm angry.
I'm freaking out.
And I'm totally panicked.
I use Picnik for absolutely everything
I won't go into how amazing and user friendly it is, because you probably already know.
Not only do I use it on my blog, but here's my dirty little sercret:
I use Picnik in all of my blog designing. I haven't got the foggiest idea how to use any other photo editing/graphic or image designining software. 
Not the foggiest.
Which became exceptionally apparent to me yesterday as I scoured the Mac Store and Google searching for anything that might work for me.
The closest thing I've found is fotoflexr. Which I already knew about and hate.
Anyway. My blogging/designing life is effectively ruined as of April 19th.
(good advertising, yes?)
So I'm extremely hateful today. 
Anyway. Since I wasted spent all of my valuable free time yesterday doing absolutely nothing worthwhile on my little “search,” I made something quick and easy to top off Thin Mint Week!
I'd love to write some kind of peppy description about how great it tastes, how easy it is to make, how brilliant it is to only make a single serving, and how conveniently it can be adjusted to be low cal if you want it to be.
I wish I had it in me to pepper my sentences with exclamation points and smiley faces as I tell you how much I enjoyed this rich and decadent, single-serve treat with a thin mint baked into the bottom of the cake– so the cookie is soft,  the chocolate is melted, and the thin mint flavor has permeated the entire little cake.
But I'm too depressed today.
The best I can offer is to go back and “bold” the description words.
And to go back and make another one for myself… a la mode of course.
You can't do emotional eating the right way without ice cream on top.
And hot fudge sauce. And more crushed up cookies.
The crushing is therapeutic. I imagine that it's the google man who decided to cut off Picnik.
I'm crushing him in my fingers and eating him for dessert.
Hm. I think I might feel a little better!

Thin Mint Diet Coke Cake (single serving)

  • 2 heaping tablespoons of chocolate cake mix
  • 2 tbsp. diet coke
  • 1 thin mint cookie (or keebler alternative)
  • optional: vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce

1. Grease and oven safe mug or ramekin with shortening.
2. Add cake mix. Mix in diet coke, until smooth and cake batter-like.

    3. Press a thin mint into the batter until the batter comes up a little over the edges of the cookie.
    4. Either bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes OR microwave for 60 seconds (as always, you will get the better results by baking).
    5. Top with sundae sauce and ice cream if desired (which it will be).

      Low Calorie Alternatives:

      • Use a reduced sugar cake mix
      • Use lite cool whip instead of ice cream on top

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