Caramel Delight Cookie Apple Salad on #IDlove #apple #recipe

I've mentioned before that this is our first year as parents of a school attending child. And it's been quite the adventure already.

I very strongly feel that there should be some sort of a course that parents have to complete before they're allowed to enter their child into school.

This course would teach you how to:

A) buy an appropriately sized back pack for a preschooler. So that the teacher doesn't have to pull you aside and say, “We really need them to have a backpack big enough to fit this folder in… like we mentioned in the handbook at the beginning of the year,” then proceed to give you a look that clearly says “which-you-obviously-didn't-read-or-else-we-wouldn't-have-to-tell-you-again.”

How was I supposed to know the child needed a backpack that was as big as she is??

B) translate the behavior reports the teachers give you at the end of the school day. Then I would have understood that, “Well, we had some problems with pushing and biting today,” really meant: “Your daughter is a normal two year old, and the other kid stuck his fingers in her mouth.” And I wouldn't have assumed it meant, “We think you have a potential delinquent on your hands.”

and finally C) appropriate parental behavior for class parties. Which is to (firstly) not attend, because it's just for the kids (who knew??). And to (secondly) make sure the stuff you signed up to bring is all cutesy and seasonally appropriate. Not just chopped up apple pieces in a tupperware container… Yep. I did that.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the big Valentine's day party, and thanks to Pinterest, I have some GREAT ideas for making fruit look like little hearts and cupid's arrows. That'll be a big step up from the Halloween party catastrophe.

Caramel Delight Cookie Apple Salad on #IDlove #apple #recipe

Oh, and another way to make your fruit the star of Valentine's day?? This insanely delicious twist on an apple salad. Have you ever had Snickers Apple Salad?

This is like that. Except with Samoas Cookies (or whatever they're calling them these days) and International Delight Almond Joy creamer! I made a similar recipe like this last year, but it desperately needed some tweaking. And thanks to another year's worth of dessert experience and a few new key ingredients (Almond Joy creamer? Holla!!), I can officially say that this salad is now PERFECT.

Whip up a quick batch to share with your sweetie this week.

…but maybe don't send it to school. Apparently people have coconut allergies. I guess I never knew that either…

Caramel Delight Cookie Apple Salad with International Delight


  • 1 - 3.4 oz vanilla instant pudding mix
  • 3/4 cup International Delight Almond Joy coffee creamer
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 4 medium apples (any type you like will work), chopped
  • 1 package Keebler Caramel Delight Cookies or Samoas Cookies, chopped
  • 1 tub Vanilla Cool Whip Frosting


  1. Whisk together the pudding mix, coffee creamer, and skim milk until thick. Immediately whisk in the cool whip frosting.
  2. Use a large rubber spatula to fold in the cookies and apples. Mix until everything is completely coated. Chill and serve! (or eat it right away 🙂 )

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