100+ Weight Watcher Friendly Desserts

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100+ Weight Watcher Friendly Desserts

No matter which WW plan (or Keto!) you’re following, there’s a treat here for you. More than 100+ Weight Watcher Friendly Desserts to choose from, including Single Serve Cake, Chocolate Souffle, and Cheesecake!

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100+ Weight Watcher Friendly Desserts

Points Plus

If you’re old school and loved the WW did things between 2010 and 2015, you’ll dig this HUGE list of plan-friendly dessert recipes. Low in carbs and sugar, these treats won’t cost you in the Points Plus department!

Smart Points

Smart Points was the WW plan of choice from 2015-2019ish. Beginning in 2020, Smart Points = the Blue Plan. These recipes focus on high protein and low sugar ingredients.

Purple, Green, and Blue Points



Question & Answer

What desserts can I eat on Weight Watchers?

There are TONS of great WW-friendly dessert options right here in this post. Some of my personal favorites are:

And when it comes to convenience foods, these are my favorite quick & easy foods for snacking:

Does WW still make desserts?

Yep! Here are some that look really yummy:

Did you know WW has an Amazon store that stays stocked with all of their snack foods and products?

What is the best ice cream on WW?

It’s been a while since I was actively participating in a WW plan, but from what I recall these were some really good ice cream options (ranked in order of “most like normal ice cream”):

  • Skinny Cow (by the pint)
  • Halo Top (vanilla bean and mint were my favorites)
  • Enlightened (but this one melts into kind of a weird texture, so eat it fast)

I haven’t tried the Fairlife brand of ice cream, but I’m betting it’s good (because their protein drinks are AWESOME).

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