Holiday Cookies Gift Ideas: Best Christmas Gifts to Share

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If you’re looking for the best holiday cookies gift ideas to spread some festive cheer this Christmas season, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing encapsulates the holiday spirit more than sharing delicious treats with family and friends. This blog post will give you a variety of holiday cookie gifts ideas that are perfect for everyone on your list, including your favorite cookies and a myriad of creative packaging options.

Classic Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies

When it comes to the best cookies to gift during the holidays, you can never go wrong with classic Martha Stewart chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. These two types of cookies are a staple during the holiday season. So why not combine them in these thick and chewy Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter cookies? The combination of brown sugar, chocolate chips, and a dash of love in every homemade cookie makes it a perfect gift. You can get creative and include dark chocolate or add peanut butter blossoms for an extra crunch.

Classic chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies displayed on a festive holiday plate

Christmas Cookie Gift Boxes

One of the most popular holiday cookies gift ideas is the Christmas cookie gift box. It’s an excellent way to present a variety of cookies. You can include different types of cookies such as chocolate crinkle cookies, holiday cut-out cookies, and even your personal favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Mrs. Fields offers a delicious selection of Christmas cookie gift boxes or you can make your own at home.

Cookie Exchange Party

Hosting a cookie exchange party is not only a fun way to spread holiday cheer! But it also gives you an array of different cookies to gift. Invite your friends to bake their favorite Christmas cookies. Everyone gets to enjoy a variety of delicious treats! And you can use the opportunity to gather more holiday cookies gift ideas.

gift jar of cookies

Thumbprint Cookies and Spritz Cookies

Thumbprint cookies and spritz cookies are not only easy cookies to make, but they also make for perfect holiday cookie gifts. You can fill thumbprint cookies with anything from jam to chocolate. And spritz cookies, with their distinctive shapes and festive sprinkles, bring a smile to anyone’s face during this time of year.

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

A mason jar filled with cookie mix is a clever way to gift your favorite Christmas cookie recipes. You can layer the ingredients for classic chocolate chip cookies, add a tag with baking instructions, and voila – you have a perfect present for anyone who enjoys baking.

A mason jar filled with ingredients for a cookie recipe, tied with a festive ribbon

Homemade Cookie Tins

Homemade cookie tins filled with a variety of cookies are an ideal gift for spreading holiday cheer. Whether you fill them with simple sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or sprinkle in some candy canes for added festive spirit, these tins are a delicious and decorative gift option.

Christmas Cookie Delivery Service

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the gourmet gifts you can send to your loved ones. A Christmas cookie delivery service is a convenient and heartwarming way to send holiday cookies gift ideas to family members who live far away. You can choose from a variety of cookies and have them delivered right to the recipient’s doorstep.

A courier delivering a box of Christmas cookies to a front porch

Cookie Dough Balls and Cookie Scoop

If you’re looking for a unique twist on holiday cookies gift ideas, consider gifting cookie dough balls and a cookie scoop. The gift recipient can bake their own fresh cookies whenever they want, which is an added bonus. Make sure to include instructions on how to properly bake the cookies.

Decorated Sugar Cookies

The most festive holiday cookies gift ideas often involve decorated sugar cookies. You can use royal icing, green sprinkles, and red food coloring to create beautiful Christmas trees, snowflakes, and other festive designs. These cookies taste amazing! They also bring a dash of holiday spirit to any home.

Decorated sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees and snowflakes

There are so many fun ways to share your favorite Christmas cookies. Whether you’re baking homemade cookies or ordering gourmet holiday cookies online, gifting cookies is a tradition that brings joy to the holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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