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Classic Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t go crazy over muddy buddies! Peanut butter, chocolate, cereal, and powdered sugar– what’s not to love?!

I don't know a single person who doesn't go crazy over muddy buddies! Peanut butter, chocolate, cereal, and powdered sugar-- what's not to love?!


  • This is just the basic recipe for muddy buddies, the starting point. There is SO MUCH fun you can have with these! Add M&Ms, pretzels, different kinds of cereal (I love adding Reese’s Puffs!), or even switch out the chocolate chips for a different flavor.
  • I think muddy buddies are really phenomenal when chilled. But be warned: all of the powdered sugar will dissolve when you take it out of the fridge due to condensation. So the best route for serving to a crowd or packaging it up is to keep it at room temp.
  • Make sure you use a big bowl! Otherwise you’ll have cereal and powdered sugar flying all over the place.
  • You can either melt the chocolate and peanut butter together over the stove and then pour it over the cereal in the bowl, or you can melt them in the microwave in a large mixing bowl and add the cereal afterwards. I think it’s easier to melt in the microwave, but you can’t go wrong either way.
  • If you choose to microwave the chocolate and peanut butter in the microwave, follow the recipe and only nuke it in 30-second increments. This will prevent burning the chocolate (which is really easy to do if you aren’t paying attention).

I don't know a single person who doesn't go crazy over muddy buddies! Peanut butter, chocolate, cereal, and powdered sugar-- what's not to love?!


I love the straight up simplicity of this recipe. Even though there are thousands of variations of muddy buddies out there, you won’t find a single one that is better than this classic combo!!


You can get the FULL RECIPE to print and save on my other blog, Keat’s Eats. CLICK HERE.


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14 comments on “Classic Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow”

  1. I looove muddy buddies (or puppy chow as I call it)!

  2. You just can’t go wrong with Muddy Buddies! P.S. What are you using as the background/base for your picture?

    • Oh my gosh– it’s a stroke of genius on Dorothy’s part. She found this wooden plank patterned butcher paper at JoAnn’s. I literally bought mine in California and carried it back through all the planes and airports with me to VA :)

  3. Muddy buddies were a staple at youth group retreats when I was in high school. I love seeing all your varieties!

  4. Yum! I do love muddy buddies. Good idea for our next movie night!

  5. Love this classic recipe! For some reason my family only does it at Christmas, I prefer all year round!!

  6. Okay I just have to share because I know that you would love these little babies as much as I do http://cremedelacrumb.blogspot.com/2013/06/white-butterscotch-buddies.html
    LOVE muddy buddies, this is my new favorite.

    #MuddyBuddyADDICT!!! :)

  7. Mmmm…

  8. LOVE all these classics you are sharing. Sometimes you just can’t beat a tried and true recipe :)

  9. There cannot be people out there that don’t like muddy buddies – at least 1 variety. I think my favorite so far are the lemon ones :). Thanks for sharing, love your photos….and your new(er) blog background!! :)

  10. These are always so delicious, they’re dangerous to make! And I just saw that they make Vanilla Chex, so there’s another possibility for flavor matching…

  11. I could live on muddy buddies! LOVE.

  12. We call it “trash” here in North Carolina! But, it’s really good trash! Can’t wait to try the variations you’ve shared. Thank you!

    • I grew up in NC! We always called it Muddy Buddies– I thought it was so weird when I moved out west for college and people called it “puppy chow!”

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