It doesn't get much easier than this, folks!
Dress 'em up, dress 'em down– these little guys are great for class parties, Christmas festivities, birthdays, and after school treats no matter what you do (or don't do!) with them.
Simplify the frosting by using store bought or fancy it up with fun colors and flavors.
Even consider using chocolate melts instead of any frosting at all!
All you need is a cupcake tin, the makings for rice krispie treats, and something to go on top!
Rice Krispies Treat Cake Batter Cupcakes
You'll Need:
  • 1 recipe Rice Krispies Treats, prepared but not completely cooled
    • add 1 tbsp. white cake mix into the melted marshmallow mixture
  • 1 buttercream recipe, prepared (or store bought frosting)
  • a cupcake tin (silicone liners make this easier, but they aren't necessary)
  • Non-stick spray
  • Sprinkles (optional)


1. Scoop two 1/4 cups of the rice krispies treats mixture into each well greased or lined muffin tin. Pat the first scoop down firmly into the tin. Round the second scoop on top, using a well greased rubber spatula, to resemble the top of a cupcake.

2. Prepare the butter cream and fill frosting bags for piping.

Here's the fun part! Have you guys seen this on Pinterest yet? It's all over the place– how to fill a frosting bag without making a complete mess! Here are my step-by-step photos of the process:

3. Roll out a comfortable 2 feet of clear plastic wrap.
4. Dollup a “frosting-bag's-worth” of frosting onto the center of the plastic wrap.

5. Gently wrap the plastic around the frosting like you would a present, forming a cylinder.

6. Tightly twist the plastic wrap from the ends to the center.

7. Pull one end of the plastic wrap through the tip of the frosting bag:

8. Clip the end off of the plastic wrap, twist the top of the bag to close it, and proceed to pipe frosting normally:

When you're done, just toss the wrap and enjoy your clean frosting bag!

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