So I didn't actually plan on making another S'mores recipe this week.
I didn't. I swear.
And I really didn't plan on posting a second post in one day– 
every decent blogger knows it's just good sense to space out your posts.
But I just couldn't stop myself. I have to tell you about this recipe right now.
After allowing myself one S'mores recipe, the flood gates were opened,
and I just haven't been able to stop thinking S'MORES.
And you know how I get going on a theme and just. can't. stop.
Right now, everything looks like a gigantic toasted marshmallow to me.
It's like I'm some kind of addict.
And as I passed by the Nutter Butters at Walmart, inspiration struck.

These are your new favorite S'mores.
Seriously. Out of control good.
And when I say “out of control,” I do mean out of control.
3 WW points a pop really adds up after you've eaten your third or fourth or eleventh one!
But the heart wants what it wants, eh?
You're all intelligent folks, so I won't bother with a recipe, just photos.
I'll just mention that I used my oven to do a quick broil-toast on the marshmallows.

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