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Nutter Butter S’mores

So I didn’t actually plan on making another S’mores recipe this week.
I didn’t. I swear.
And I really didn’t plan on posting a second post in one day– 
every decent blogger knows it’s just good sense to space out your posts.
But I just couldn’t stop myself. I have to tell you about this recipe right now.
After allowing myself one S’mores recipe, the flood gates were opened,
and I just haven’t been able to stop thinking S’MORES.
And you know how I get going on a theme and just. can’t. stop.
(#monstercookies, #redvelvet, #girlscoutcookies)
Right now, everything looks like a gigantic toasted marshmallow to me.
It’s like I’m some kind of addict.
And as I passed by the Nutter Butters at Walmart, inspiration struck.

These are your new favorite S’mores.
Seriously. Out of control good.
And when I say “out of control,” I do mean out of control.
3 WW points a pop really adds up after you’ve eaten your third or fourth or eleventh one!
But the heart wants what it wants, eh?
You’re all intelligent folks, so I won’t bother with a recipe, just photos.
I’ll just mention that I used my oven to do a quick broil-toast on the marshmallows.

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Ashton Swank

Ashton is the owner and author of Something Swanky. Although first and foremost a wife and mother, she considers herself an online entrepreneur, freelance writer and photographer, and brand ambassador. Her focus is in food styling, food photography and recipe development.

18 comments on “Nutter Butter S’mores”

  1. Mmmm, s’mores. I have a S’mores recipe going up tonight!

  2. My brother introduced me to the idea of replacing the grahams with cookies! I have never tried this before though!

  3. *Speechless* I crown you the Queen of Nutter Butters.

  4. Ever since I saw Shelly’s post about smores…it’s all I can think about too!!! My brain is going smore’s crazy…I have like 9 different ideas floating around in there!!! Nutter Butter smores…genius:-)

  5. I think you’ve converted me to a S’mores lover after this. PB, marshmallow, chocolate and cookies? Yes, I think I am officially a S’mores girl. Camping though… I’ll need more convincing :)

  6. I’ve never heard of Nutter Butters but they look delish. I’m feeling kinda left out with all these goodies you have over there, pah!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  7. Wow. I’ve used Reese’s PB Cups in place of Hershey’s, but replacing the graham crackers… that hadn’t occurred to me. I almost wish I hadn’t of seen this!

  8. I bet these are delicious! I love nutter butters but we are nut free home (since my kids are allergic) and I crave things with peanut butter constantly!!!! I may have to try these when we don’t have the kids one night! Found you on Lil Luna party!


  9. I love this S’mores idea and would love for you to share it on our Kitchen Fun & Crafty Friday link party that I just posted! http://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com/2012/04/kitchen-fun-and-crafty-friday-link_26.html

  10. Oh my, my! This is a good thing!

  11. These look just what I need right now yum yum :)

  12. Smart idea! I love nutter butters! :) Stopping by from Grateful Belly’s linky.

  13. This is beyond genius. Awesome!!

  14. I can imagine the taste of these! I’m sure they’re amazing. I have a list of a million things that one could make with nutter butters, but I’m in Canada, where they are not sold. It kills me every time I see something like this. Now I’m craving them! Ahh! I may have to take a trip to the states very, very soon!
    I would love if you came and shared with my readers http://rhapsodyofcacophony.blogspot.ca/2012/04/pin-ed-it-made-it-party-0427.html

  15. Genius. Brilliant. Perfection!

  16. Oh my gosh, you’ve outdone yourself! These must be the best s’mores ever!

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