Easy Christmas Cupcakes: Santa Hats and Christmas Trees

These cupcakes are really more about the visual appeal than they are any certain type of recipe, so instead of my normal post (recipe and then directions), I’m just going to list off some of the supplies that you’ll need (nothing scary) and a couple of frosting tips that helped me!

For the Santa Hats:

For the Christmas Trees:

*I used this no-mess frosting technique for these cupcakes.

*I had a hard time finding stars for my Christmas Trees, and, in the end, I decided to simply punch out my own stars and tape them to toothpicks– worked for me!

*I used these recipes for the buttercream and the chocolate cupcakes.

*Sprinkle this disco dust over the cupcakes for a little extra Christmas Magic :)

*For an extra easy third Christmas cupcake, make snowballs by frosting the cupcakes with in any extra white buttercream and dipping them in sweetened flaked coconut:

Merry Christmas! Eat lots of cupcakes :)

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Ashton Swank

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