Carrots & Dirt Cupcakes {with chocolate covered strawberries}

Carrots & Dirt Cupcakes |

So…. it would be a total lie to say that “spring has sprung.”

Because it snowed yesterday. The entire day. Big, huge flakes. #ugh

At the rate we’re going, it’s going to be April and I’ll still have my cute “Let it Snow!” snowman sign on my porch. I just don’t feel like I can replace it with the springtime one… because that would just look weird with snow piled up around it. So I keep waiting and waiting and waiting… thinking that winter will be over any day. And each time it snows, I think, “A-ha! This is it. The very last snow of the year.”

And then I’m wrong. Over and over again.

Since there’s no garden planting going on right now (although, we’re not planting one this year anyway– we’re moving instead!)– I thought a cupcake garden full of chocolate covered strawberries (ahem, I mean carrots) would be just the thing to lift us out of our winter blues and get us ready for spring!

Carrots & Dirt Cupcakes |

Yummy chocolate cupcakes covered in ganache and crushed Oreos and topped with a white chocolate covered strawberry. Looks like veggies, tastes like dessert. Works for me :)

Products I used in the making…

Carrots & Dirt Cupcakes {with chocolate covered strawberries}

Yield: approximately 2 dozen



  1. Let cupcakes cool completely after baking. And allow ganache to cool just a bit, so that it is a similar consistency to hot fudge.
  2. Meanwhile, melt the candy melts according to the package directions. Dip each of the strawberries into the orange melted candy and place on a sheet of wax or parchment paper to cool and harden. Drizzle stripes across the top (I put some melted coating in a small bag and snipped the corner to make it easier to drizzle straight lines), and let cool and harden.
  3. Dip each cupcake into ganache and then immediately into the Oreo crumbs.
  4. Cut a small "slit" in the top of each cupcake. Insert the tip of a "carrot" strawberry into each cupcake.

Don’t miss a bite!

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