Peppermint Oreo Fudge

Today I am so grateful for blogging and for the blogging community!

College transformed me into a bit of a Sociologist, and I see blogging as something that has completely revolutionized my anticipated role in life.

I’ve always planned on and wanted to be a stay at home mom. That’s been the ultimate goal for as long as I can remember. And I can assure you that I could easily find enough work to fill all my days and more than plenty of satisfaction in doing that work if I were to do nothing but attend to my responsibilities as a wife a mother. It really would be enough for me.

But blogging has given me above and beyond what would be “enough.” It’s enabled me to develop talents that I thought were completely out of my realm of capabilities, which has been really exciting. It gives me a new identity apart from being a mother and wife– something for just me. And I appreciate that.

It’s also been a gigantic blessing in that it allows me to contribute to our family income. My husband is still in school full time, and probably will be for 5-6 more years (let’s not talk about it, mmkay?). I was working full time, supporting us, when I had the baby 2 years ago. It didn’t make any sense for me to go back to work. Decent childcare is so expensive that everything I’d earn would go to pay someone to watch Em for me! And I hated my job– so I’d basically be working just to fund my misery. Besides the fact that Chris and I had agreed that once the babies came, we’d find a way to make it work for me to be home with them.

I’ve been fortunate enough that my blogging, doing something I love, has helped us to pay the bills on a pretty monthly basis. And I can even do it (and have done it) with Emma sitting on my lap! Talk about being blessed…

Beyond all ofthat, there’s even more to my appreciation of blogging: the friendships I’ve been able to form are unreal.

I went through this (long) phase during which I didn’t know how to refer to my blogging friends when I mentioned them in conversations with real life friends. I felt really stupid, like I was talking about my imaginary friends. Or like people would think I was sitting in front of 3 mega TV screens with a head set and 4 gaming controllers in my hands all day.

After Online BlogCon, I just gave up. Because it made me realize the friends I’ve met through blogging are really myreal friends. We support each other during hard times, just like real friends do. We share inside jokes, just like real friends do. We get jealous over each others’ outfits…. er, wait… did I just say that out loud?

Anyway, the point is that now in a conversation I no longer stammer around the phrase “blogging friend.” If someone thinks is weird… well, that’s ok. It’s kind of hard to understand unless you’re part of this whole thing. And I guess it’s not for everyone (just the super cool peeps, right?), so I can be ok with that.

Just know that Ido not own any sort of gaming headset. Just sayin’.

This recipe combines three ingredients that I love very, very much: Oreos, Candy Cane Hershey Kisses, and sweetened condensed milk (omg, if I could ever get Eagle Brand to sponsor this blog… *heaven*).
I’m addicted to Hershey Kiss fudge, and this Peppermint Oreo version is perfect for the holidays! So stock up on those Candy Cane Kisses by the cart full– you’ll thank me when your neighbors are banging down the door for more of this fudge, even after the holidays!
Peppermint Oreo Fudge


  • 1 bag Milk Chocolate Hershey Kisses, unwrapped
  • 1 cup chocolate chips or chocolate candy melts (like Wilton or Almond Bark)
  • 1 bag Candy Cane Hershey Kisses, unwrapped
  • 1 cup white chocolate chips or white candy melts (like Wilton or Almond Bark)
  • 2 cups crushed Oreos
  • 2 - 14 oz. cans sweetened condensed milk


  1. Prepare a 9x13 baking dish by lining it with parchment paper and spraying very lightly with non-stick cooking spray. Set aside.
  2. In a medium saucepan, combine the milk chocolate hershey kisses, chocolate chips or chocolate candy melts, and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.
  3. Stir over LOW (no exceptions) heat until melted and smooth (the mixture should pull away slightly from the side of the saucepan). Fold 1 cup of the crushed Oreos into the chocolate mixture.
  4. Pour chocolate mixture into prepared 9x13 dish.
  5. Rinse out the sauce pan (if needed at all, sometimes I find it's totally clean simply from pouring it out!) and dry well.
  6. Add the Candy Cane Kisses, white chocolate chips or white candy melts, and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk to the saucepan.
  7. Stir over LOW heat until smooth and completely melted (the mixture should pull away slightly from the edges of the saucepan).
  8. Pour the white chocolate mixture over the chocolate oreo mixture, and spread evenly.
  9. Sprinkle the remaining Oreo crumbs over top and press into the fudge slightly.
  10. Let cool overnight (or at least 5 hours) to set. Cut into 1 inch cubes to serve.
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Notes about this recipe:
  • I prefer to use chocolate candy melts instead of white or chocolate chips, because I’ve found that using the melts keeps the chocolate fudge smooth and helps the white fudge set a little better. You can find Wilton melts in the craft/wedding section of most Wal-Marts. Almond Bark is typically on the baking aisle. Either would work. In a pinch, chips are just fine.


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  1. I heart you Ashton! Totally have had these conversations with my mom about my blogging friends…and she just doesn’t see it, or get it, or understand it. The “imaginary friend” comment…exactly how she looks at me!
    This fudge is gorgeous. AND OMG YOUR PHOTOS!!! Amazing!
    Thanks for the Cinnabon fudge love :)
    Aimee @ ShugarySweets recently posted..Egg Nog BiscottiMy Profile

  2. I used to feel that same way – but now I know that my blogger friends are some of the truest friends I’ve ever had! I’m so thankful for you, I can’t even express it in words. I’m also thankful for this fudge. OMG it has all my favorite things! Are you surprised we both posted fudge on the same night? I’m not! ;)
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted..Lemon Meringue Pie FudgeMy Profile

  3. I’m so jealous that you’re a stay at home mom!
    Shiloh Barkley recently posted..Post Halloween Retail TherapyMy Profile

  4. Wow, this fudge looks so gooey and good! Thanks for sharing Ashton…pinned and adding to my Christmas baking list!
    Liz recently posted..Chocolate Stout Cake with Forty Creek Cream IcingMy Profile

  5. those gorgeous layers! this is fudge perfection Ashton. As you know, I am slightly on a fudge-kick lately. adding anything and EVERYTHING to it. I love mint/chocolate… oh and obviously oreos. and hershey kisses. geez, this fudge has everything :)
    sally @ sallys baking addiction recently posted..cookies n’ cream peanut butter bark.My Profile

  6. Such an easy and beautiful recipe! I love the red layer-perfect for the holidays. :)
    Elaine @ Cooking to Perfection recently posted..Chocolate Pecan PieMy Profile

  7. I am so thankful for you and your friendship!!! I understand the look…I get it often when I am stumbling around trying to explain my blog friends to my life friends. But I agree, no more stumbling because honestly you girls are awesome and true friends. I heart you! Plus you make awesome desserts like this way cool fudge…it makes me heart you even more:-)
    Jocelyn @BruCrewLife recently posted..Peppermint Hot Chocolate Granola BarsMy Profile

  8. one word: yum!! (:
    Teresa Young recently posted..Tuesday’s Tunes: Santa Monica DreamMy Profile

  9. I love your website and recipes. Can we no longer pin your recipes to pinterest?

    • You can! Are you having problems with pinning from my site? Or do you just mean that the pin it button no longer shows up over each image? There should be a pin it button at the bottom of the post. But I removed the image pin it button because of the link party that I host and because of the round up posts that I post each week. That pin it button made it look like I was encouraging people to pin posts from my site that actually belonged to other people. I don’t love my current pin it button at the bottom of the post, but it’s better than nothing. So feel free to use that until I find a new one I like better!

  10. This post really sums up so many emotions that I feel on a daily basis about this wonderful world of blogging! I am so thankful for all of my new friends! I dream of the day my blog allows me to stay home and still contribute to the family finances. And I am going to dream of this fudge! This is like the 5th fudge recipe today and I am sooo craving it all now!
    Chandra@The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen recently posted..Amaretto Fluff DipMy Profile

  11. I hear you – I don’t even bother trying to explain my “blog friends” to my real life friends anymore. They don’t get it! I’m just so glad I found you through this big, bad world of food blogging, ’cause it’s made the experience even better! Also making things better? This fudge. OMG.
    Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl recently posted..Maple Bacon Pecan Cinnamon Rolls {and What’s in Your Kitchen Wednesday}My Profile

  12. What a wonderful description of why you are thankful for blogging! And this fudge looks so festive and yummy!
    Mercedes recently posted..The Perfect Lemon TartMy Profile

  13. Couldn’t. Agree. More. I always laugh trying to explain my blog or my “bloggy” friends to people. I’ve started to get involved with a local group of bloggers and it has been SO fun. Love the OnlineBlogCon community!!
    Emily @ Sweet Bella Roos recently posted..Pin It ThursdayMy Profile

  14. The stay-at-home mom role was sort of thrown at me, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! It’s too important of a job for someone else to do. Plus, I don’t want to miss out on everything. It goes too fast!

    Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen recently posted..Steak Salad with Green Beans and Blue CheeseMy Profile

  15. You are so stinkin’ creative! Yum!! My friends and family would love this. I love the “fund my misery” part….that is so the truth.
    Chelsea {Whatcha Makin’ Now?} recently posted..2 Things….Cookie Swap and HenryMy Profile

  16. I could not agree with you more! I have loved every minute of being a stay at home mom, but it is so wonderful to have something to call your own.
    Heather @French Press recently posted..Chocolate PopcornMy Profile

  17. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it. Do you happen to have a recipe for peppermint bark?

  18. I am making this right now but my layers are not as thick as yours in the picture. What size bag of kisses did you use?

  19. Ohhhh…this looks outstanding! Just the name says it all! The combination of peppermint, Oreo and fudge must be to-die-for!
    Tonia@thegunnysack recently posted..{Homemade Holiday Treats} Vanilla CaramelsMy Profile

  20. These look scrumptious!
    Alana recently posted..Ham Sandwich MixMy Profile

  21. Your fudge sounds delicious and your photos are gorgeous! I’m home with my son, too, though I have a work-from-home job aside from blogging. You’re right, childcare is crazy expensive!
    Coleen @ TheRedheadBaker recently posted..White Chocolate Cheesecake with Blueberry SauceMy Profile

  22. What an incredible looking masterpiece! I loved this post too – blogging is such an amazing platform for discovering and rediscovering talents and making real connections.
    Holly Lefevre recently posted..Carrot Crunch Gingerbread (Hodgson Mill Have A Grain Holiday Giveaway)My Profile

  23. Oreos, chocolate, and peppermint – what can be better than that! YUM!!!

  24. I have now made TWO batches of this. One that the family completely finished off in three days and another to share with neighbors. Delicious! It makes a lot. Thank you for the recipe. It’s definitely a keeper. I’ll be making this at Valentine’s Day too. (Already bought the Kisses I’ll need and put them in the freezer.)

  25. I made these for a potluck and truly the fudge was the first dessert to go. I cut them in one inch squares and people said it was the correct 3 bite size because it was so rich. I got many complements. Thanks foe sharing this, I am going to try to find a similar recipe with mint and green because I think that would be a good combo for Christmas. Mine too were not as thick as your layers though.

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