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Using Leftovers: Press and Fill

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”
That’s me. Just call me Jack.
But there is one teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy exception: LEFTOVERS
I am awesome at leftovers. Especially dessert leftovers (obviously, right?). Seriously, my favorite challenge in life is an awkward amount of leftover cookie dough. Or brownie batter. Or frosting.
…although, I don’t know many people who wouldn’t pick that challenge over most other challenges. Hmm, leftover cookie dough or a flat tire? Toughie.
Remember the Squish and Dip we did a few months ago? This is similar– it’s called the Press and Fill. And I’m obsessed with it.
I’ve been making these things all week!
This is just an overview, but I think you’ll quickly see how it’s easy to adapt to whatever you’ve got on hand!
Start with leftover cookie dough or brownie batter
(or in my case, an accidental extreme excess of cookie dough… don’t ask).
Bake 1/2 tablespoon of dough or batter in a greased mini muffin tin.
Baking times and temperatures will vary depending on what you choose to bake,
but on average, you’re looking at about 350º for about 10 minutes.
 Once baked, press the back of a tablespoon into the cookie or brownie before cooling, creating a shallow “bowl.”

Once they’ve cooled, remove from the tin and fill with whatever you’ve got on hand! Some ideas are: frosting, chocolate, peanut butter, ganache, caramel, nutella.

And let me give you an idea of what they might look like when you’re done:
Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, leftover canned frosting, and sprinkles!
 You could even fancy them up for a special occasion, like so:
 And here’s another one that I did: shortbread cookies and chocolate frosting,
oh! The possibilities!

Two different toppings–
heath bar crumbles and caramel-y toasted coconut
(like a samoa!).

Have a little look-see:

I love this recipe, because no matter what you have on hand– it works somehow!

Too few chocolate chips to put into cookies but too many to justify eating alone?
Got the cake all frosted, but what to do with that 1/2 cup leftover frosting?
Misread the recipe and accidentally quintupled the cookie dough recipe
(or was that just me)?

Press and Fill!!

Alright! Get to it! I know you’ve got some leftover dessert-stuff that will be perfect for this recipe!

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Ashton Swank

Ashton is the owner and author of Something Swanky. Although first and foremost a wife and mother, she considers herself an online entrepreneur, freelance writer and photographer, and brand ambassador. Her focus is in food styling, food photography and recipe development.

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  1. What a cute post! That’s definitely a worthwhile field to be an expert in! Your ‘leftovers’ look delicious!

  2. Hi Ashton,

    Thanks for stopping by and following me. I’m returning the favor as your newest follower.

    I. Love. Your. Blog.!! It’s so cute…and it makes me SO hungry! :) I look forward to visiting often!

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  4. Awesome! I love this. It gives me an excuse to eat leftover frosting…and cookies too!

  5. First, I have to ask: people have leftover dessert??? Second, very cool idea.

  6. @Lisa lol. I knew I was setting myself up for someone to ask that! :) Yes, yes. I confess, sometimes I don’t eat all of the dessert in one sitting and there is a little left over…

  7. Sounds like you took lemons and made lemonade… lol. Looks great and nothing like a leftover!


  9. This should really be called “press, fill and devour” Yum! Definitely getting pinned!

  10. I now have cookie dough in my fridge. Hmmm…

    Thanks for sharing them on Crazy Sweet Tuesday!

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  12. awesome idea! I’ve never been good at using dessert leftovers :( I am your newest follower! Love for you to check out my blog when you get a chance :)

    Coley @

  13. Fun post, Ashton. Great way to use cookie dough. Thank you for participating at Joy of Desserts. :-)

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  16. These are so cute! What a great idea! I’ll definitely have to remember this when I have leftover cookie dough. Thanks for sharing on Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  17. Fantastic idea! I never have left over cookie dough but I would make some just so I could make these! YUM! Thanks for sharing this idea on What’s In Gunny Sack last week!

  18. So smart! There are so many different combos you could do.

    Thanks for stopping by Sweet Tooth Friday!

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