Baltimore Bomb Pie Recipe

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Seeing as I’m mildly obsessed with all desserts that get air time on Food Network,
I’ve spent a fair amount of time creating variations of the Baltimore Bomb Pie.

The Pumpkin Bomb Pie
The Samoas Bomb Pie
and The Chocolate Chip Bomb Pie

I meant for the Chocolate Chip Bomb Pie (which is made with chocolate chips cookies instead of Berger Cookies) to be the original DIY version, since you can only get Bergers (the main ingredient) in Baltimore. And while the chocolate chip cookie version is good (very good)…

 …it’s not The Baltimore Bomb Pie.

You need Berger Cookies for that.

How embarrassing that I never thought to make my own Berger Cookies for this pie until yesterday.

And I call myself a dessert blogger.


Thank goodness I came to my senses.
Because the DIY version of Berger Cookies is SUPER easy and SUPER yummy.
There is NO reason you shouldn’t make them today to go in this pie tonight!

By the way– this is an awesome Pie Hop in celebration of Pi Day!!
(clearly, the ever-amazing Dorothy, math-teacher-turned-dessert-blogger, headed this up 🙂

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Baltimore Bomb Pie Tips

  • Use a mix of chopped Berger Cookies and crumbled Berger Cookies to fill your pie crust for the most accurate bomb pie experience.
  • Feel free to experiment with the filling– I’ve had success doubling the chess (butter/egg mixture) for a richer pie.
  • Serve with a scoop of your favorite ice cream for extra deliciousness!
  • Store any leftovers in the fridge and enjoy cold or reheat in the oven for a few minutes.

Baltimore Bomb Pie FAQ

Can I bake this pie ahead of time?

Yes, you can bake the pie ahead of time and then reheat it when you’re ready to serve.

What type of ice cream should I serve with this pie?

Any type of ice cream will work with this pie. I like to use a chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

So there you have it, my Baltimore Bomb Pie variations. I hope you’ll give them a try! And of course, if you do, be sure to let me know how they turn out. In the meantime, happy baking (and eating)!

Baltimore Bomb Pie Recipe

Baltimore Bomb Pie Recipe


  • 1 Recipe Berger Cookies (approx. 18 cookies)
  • 1 unbaked pie crust
  • 1/2 c. butter, softened
  • 1/2 c. sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tbsp. cornmeal (or almond flour, or flour)
  • 1 tbsp. vinegar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla


  1. Chop up Berger cookies, and fill the pie crust with the pieces (you may have a few extra to nibble on :).
  2. Whisk together the remaining ingredients.
  3. Pour the wet mixture over the cookies. Using a rubber spatula, gently stir to coat all cookie pieces. I like to kind of smush everything down a little bit.
  4. Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes until golden brown on top.
  5. Serve warm with ice cream!

**I’ve been considering doubling the chess (the butter/egg mixture) in this for a while– if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a whirl!

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28 thoughts on “Baltimore Bomb Pie Recipe”

  1. Yummo! Pie made with cookies? Sounds like my kind of pie for sure! I am curious though…what is the chocolate in it? I didn’t see that in the directions…maybe I need to go click the cookie link though. Happy PI day!!!

  2. So basically, you’re throwing chopped cookies in a pie crust…WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS? Really? That’s so utterly awesome and wonderful and one of life’s true beauties. I really need to hop on the Baltimore food bandwagon ’cause you’ve got me hankering for a slice of this!

  3. I’ve never had a Berger cookie (never even heard of them till your post yesterday)! But, now I have to make them so I can make this pie. Yesterday, I thought they looked yummy on their own, but they look even better in a pie. I made your Pumpkin Bomb pie at Thanksgiving and it was soooooo good! Keep the delicious desserts coming!

  4. Love it when I learn something totally new. Never heard of a Berger Cookie–maybe they haven’t made it to Utah yet. But this pie looks too good. I missed Pi Day but Sunday Dinner is right around the corner.

  5. Berger Cookies are outrageous chocolately cake deliciousness! but only 9 in a box for about $5-6 A real treat when you can afford them.

  6. Ha! It’s sweet to recreate a legend like Dangerously Delicious’ Baltimore Bomb but that looks nothing like it AND for anyone that isn’t from Baltimore, thinking you can easily recreate the Infamous Berger cookie is just plain dilusional! But happy baking…just make it original folks.

    • Oh- and the cookies are actually pretty on par. I’ve had the original berger cookies– and my recipe tastes almost just like them. So…. I don’t really see how you can disagree until you’ve made them? And even then, I’d have to say it’s a user error on your part if you made them and still disagreed.

      Just trying to figure out people like you– why are you leaving a negative comment? How is this recipe SO offensive to you that it’s necessary for you to be rude? Is it just because you can? And because I don’t know who you are? Surely you’re not this rude to people you know…

      • That was awesome! Way to stand up for your delicious creation! My small group just made this pie and it’s amazing! Thank you so much! We actually live in Baltimore, and are proud to have this new twist on an old fave! <3

    • Just had to come back to this one and say… I’ve finally just tried the real-deal pie up in Baltimore, and guess what… my copycat DOES taste just like it! Imagine that!

  7. I’m interested in making this recipe, but it looks like your link to the Berger cookie recipe was taken down or no longer working. Can I get that recipe from you? And if not, I suppose I can substitute with chocolate chip cookies – how much in weight? Thanks so much! This looks so delicious and I can’t wait to try!!


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