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Rolo Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Rolo Oatmeal Cookie Bars are ooey, gooey, and dangerously easy to make!

About 4 years and 2-ish months ago, I spent a lot of time in bed in the mornings with my newborn baby and my new found obsession with reading blogs.

The first blog I think I ever started reading was, of course, Bakerella. Soon after I discovered Cookies and Cups, Bake at 350, and Somewhat Simple. I remember such long, glorious mornings that I did nothing other than snuggle my baby and sift through dozens of yummy recipes and cute craft ideas. It was blissful.

Although, ironically, at the time, I’m pretty sure I thought those mornings were anything but. It took Emma and I months to get the hang of nursing, and I think I have a foggy recollection that all those rosy mornings in bed also involved and lot of tears, pain, and lanolin cream.

Funny how the memory plays tricks on us like that. But I’m glad it does. I’d rather have sweet, sunny memories through rose-colored glasses any day over painful recollections of how it feels to nurse a baby for the first time! Can I get an Amen?!



I was actually going somewhere with that. And it was sort of relevant to the recipe, so just hang in there with me.


Back to those blogs I loved in my beginning blogger days– now that I have a few years of my own blogging experience under my belt, I always think it’s so fun when I get a chance to interact with some of those bloggers I’ve loved from the start. Sometimes I get to chat with them in person at conferences or on brand trips. And sometimes it’s just simple virtual stuff like putting on reader giveaways together. I always get a geeky little thrill when I get to do something fun with one of my blogging idols.

Here’s the segue: Steph over at Somewhat Simple (one of my first blog loves) has been doing a really fun series with a bunch of different bloggers. She’s assigned each of us a letter of the alphabet to use as the theme of a post. So fun!

My letter was “R,” and I decided to use ROLOS in my recipe.

These Rolo Oatmeal Cookie Bars were unreal. They were soft and chewy, full of chocolate, caramel, pecans, an oats. Seriously– comfort food at it’s finest. I could have eaten the whole pan by myself without a problem.

These Rolo Cookie Bars have a classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie taste with an amazing ooey, gooey twist. In all seriousness, these have been some of my favorite cookies to come out of the oven in quite some time! If you’re a cookie person in the slightest, I know you are going to adore these just as much as I have.

Oh– and did I mention? These are SO incredibly easy if you keep a batch of my Oatmeal Cookie Mix on hand. Like, dangerously easy…

Rolo Oatmeal Cookie Bars are ooey, gooey, and dangerously easy to make!

A few quick notes before you run to the kitchen:

  • Don’t try and make these into cookies. The caramel melts out everywhere, and it’s pretty disastrous.
  • If you eat these warm, they will be just as ooey and gooey as they look in the pictures. However, if you want to cut them up and plate them, no worries! Once they’ve cooled to about room temp, they are very easy to cut for serving or even to package.
  • While I’m not the biggest Rolo candy fan, I have to admit they are the best caramel filled chocolate candies for baking. Don’t try to sub with any other caramel filled chocolate candy, because they don’t hold up as well. In my experience, the caramel bakes out and incorporates with the cookie dough. Which is yummy, but you would miss out on all the pockets full of caramel!


>>Click here<< to visit my post on Somewhat Simple and get the recipe!


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Ashton Swank

Ashton is the owner and author of Something Swanky. Although first and foremost a wife and mother, she considers herself an online entrepreneur, freelance writer and photographer, and brand ambassador. Her focus is in food styling, food photography and recipe development.

25 comments on “Rolo Oatmeal Cookie Bars”

  1. Yum! I love the texture that oatmeal gives baked goods, and these look like texture lover’s heaven!

  2. Such a fun series!! I totally agree, it is always so fun to interact with bloggers that inspired us from the beginning–especially when they become friends! And these bars, holy moly, they look amazing!

  3. I’ve been trying to comment all week on your site, something glitchy is preventing it, but suffice to say I’ve been pinning and drooling all week!! Love everything you’ve made.

    These bars and this: Don’t try to sub with any other caramel filled chocolate candy, because they don’t hold up as well. In my experience = SO TRUE. Kraft-type squares are rock hard and don’t melt well, other candies melt everywhere. Rolos are the best for stuff like this.

    And your early days of new motherhood, wow, SAME. Took us months to find our groove too. Definitely not ‘second nature’. BFFs with lanolin as well :)

    • Dang. Seriously, I think my site is trying to self combust or something. I swear the closer I get to having the new design/framework installed, the more it’s acting up! I just want to install a big neon sign at the top of the blog that says “Don’t leave me! It will all be better soon, I promise!!” LOL

      Thanks for the comments. You are always amazing at that and make me feel so supported!

  4. I don’t even know if I’m still in the hang of things with motherhood…9 years later. And actually being friends with your blog idols…priceless.

    I pink puffy heart these!

  5. OMG this looks way too good like seriously!

  6. It will not let me click and get the recipe.

  7. How fun to be involved with one of your favorite blogs! LOVE the gooey caramel in these bars and how chewy and delish they look!

  8. I remember those days! But I was reading mommy blogs. :)

    Love these bars. That oozy caramel makes me hungry.

  9. What a fun recipe!

  10. I was unable to click on the link to get to the recipe, either.

  11. YUM!! Such a great idea, it looks delicious!!

    Design Life Diaries

  12. What a great story! I also remember the first blogs that I started reading and following before I even contemplated having a blog! I can only imagine how exhilarating it would be to work with one of those bloggers! And these bars are insane!! I am obsessing over the oozing rolos!

  13. I’m with you on the rose colored glasses. It’s better that way =o) And these bars look heavenly!!!!

  14. I can’t get enough caramel lately! These look so melty delicious!

  15. Just made these. I will let you know if I get rave reviews but they come together super easy and I opted to keep the nuts optional BUT I traded out cacao nibs to keep the textural interest and add another layer of chocolate to the bars. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  16. For some reason, I am not able to view the recipe. I am reading her comments, but nothing about how to make these delicious looking bars! Please help me! I want to make them tonight! :c)

    Thank you! Diane

  17. I might just die from excitement! I LOVE Rolos and know these bars will not let me down! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I give up ,,,,,why don’t you put Printer friendly link on all recipes
    I like paper copies to take in kitchen
    Your photos are great but some would take too much
    color ink /very costly
    some of yours have print link but many do not

    • The oldest recipes (like 2011-ish) don’t have print friendly links, but most of them do :) This particular one does not, because the recipe is actually located on Somewhat Simple. The link to follow is in the post. She may not have a print friendly link on her site, but unfortunately, that’s not something I can change since it’s not my site.

  19. oatmeal Rolo cookiies look great buat I cannot find printer friendly link

  20. You are so cute Ashton! And oh how the tables have turned- you are now one of my favorite blogging celebrities! :)

  21. Just made the Rolo Bars for my daughter who is on her way home from college for Thanksgiving!  They are hot out of the oven and smell wonderful!

  22. These look pretty fantastic!

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