Easy Skinny Smoothie

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The ultimate skinny smoothie!! Fabulous taste, tons of variations, inexpensive, easy to make, and contains two servings of fruit and one serving of water! Lose weight this New Year without giving up the sweet stuff! #skinny #smoothie #recipe
Are you all on Pinterest? Please say yes.
And then please say you follow me. Thanks.
Anyway. I have a pin board completely devoted to Words. Funny phrases, inspirational thoughts, and random insights. I think most people do. I always like to see what kinds of “words” somebody else has pinned– it’ll tell you everything you need to know about a person πŸ˜‰
One of my very favorite “words” pins goes something like this: ” I always want only two things: to lose weight and to eat.
I can get behind those words about 1,000%.
And so I’m always thrilled to find a treat that allows me to do both: lose weight and eat.
This little gem of a smoothie is consumed like liquid candy in our house. All three of us have a glass with literally each meal every single day.
It’s delicious. Seriously, seriously yummy. And I don’t mean “healthy yummy.” I mean, really, truly, jamba-juice-worthy yummy.
The best part? I don’t even know where to start! How about five best parts:
1) It’s 2 servings of fruit and 1 serving of water.
2) You can easily make it a single serving.
3) It’s not expensive.
4) 2 ingredients. Seriously.
5) There are about 50 gazillion variations.
Β And the more you drink, the better!
Super Skinny Smoothie

Super Skinny Smoothie


  • Approximately 2 cups frozen fruit
  • Approximately 1 cup Crystal Light (or any other artificially sweetened water)


  1. Blend blend together until smooth.
Notes about this recipe:
  • our favorite is a bagged mix from Walmart with strawberries, peaches, mangoes, and pineapple. It’s $8.00 for (what I consider to be) a pretty gigantic bag.
  • sometimes we include frozen bananas– they make it creamier and cheaper (bananas are the least expensive fruit).
  • we love “Orange Sunrise” and “Strawberry Orange Banana” (pictured)
Β For super easy blending and drinking: simply place the fruit in a mason jar and fill to the top with the Crystal Light. Screw on the base to any standard Oster-like blender (it’ll fit!). Fit onto the blender and pulse until smooth.
*Disclaimer: I’m not claiming this smoothie as a “healthy smoothie.” It’s not jam packed with protein and flax seed and other muscle building/toning/etc. supplements. I’m only saying that it is an effective and tasty means of consuming the recommended amount of fruit and water in a day, as well as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth for no additional weight waters points+. No need to leave me comments about how you could add whey powder or greek yogurt or how artificial sweeteners will kill you. Thanks.
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85 thoughts on “Easy Skinny Smoothie”

    • Just a quick question i made one of the smoothies they are very very yummy!! But when i did the points on the fruit it came up as 2 points how is is 0?

      • Fruit is 0 points on the new plan. Some people say that blending up the fruit adds points, but… I don’t follow that school of thought!

  1. Sounds yummmmmmmmy. Also gave me some new inspiration. Substitute something like Vitamin water Zero or Sobe lifewater for even more flavor combinations. AWESOME recipe and so simple and delish!

  2. My daughter and I make these alot…never tried with Crystal lite or any flavored water…but that will surely be the way I trick my non-fruit eating son to drink up!! Also the masons jars are clever! I love pinterest! New follower πŸ™‚

  3. sounds good! but I love I . the end when you say not to tell you how it could be better with Greek yogurt!! just the way that you said it made me laugh out loud… literally!!!!! πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!!!!

    • On my best days, I try to have one with every meal! Because I am SO horrible at getting in my fruits and water! So this helps some πŸ™‚ Glad you like it!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been on WW for a while and looking into low pt. smoothie options.. I even tried one today with pineapple. Loved it!

  5. I make one like this and add some spinach in. It looks an ugly color, but you can’t taste the spinach with all the yummy fruit and crystal light so it just adds a little more healthy into it!

  6. I am a little confused on the Crystal light do you use the little single serve packets that you mix with a bottle of water, this is something I really might have to try I am not a big water drinker but with the flavor it might change that.

    • Ok, so I’ve tried to both ways (single serves and from a pitcher), an I found that I BY FAR prefer using crystal light that’s been made in a big batch in a pitcher. Something about using the single serves just makes it a little too tangy for me.

  7. for extra vitamin C try frozen fruit with orange juice. then you can add vanilla yogurt to make it creamier. you can also make your own frozen fruit -it’s usually cheaper.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Such a great idea, sometimes I get so bored just drinking water. What a great way to add some flavor! I have a bunch of mio’s I barely ever use that would work great!

  9. I make one but I start with fresh spinach leaves and use the silk milk (I have used the mango peach) then add the frozen fruit, I used strawberries. Delish and nutrish, not to sure of the calories but the spinach adds vitamins that you may be missing.

  10. I stumbled upon your website on Pintrest a few month ago. Everything you make gives me so much inspiration and looks so good. I am so glad I found a smoothie recipe that did not include yogurt or milk. I love them both, but I have trouble tolerating them. I made minds with the SBO crystal light, frozen strawberry, and fresh banana and fresh oranges and a touch of honey. It was so delicious. And I almost polish the whole 2 quarts of crystal light during the day.

  11. Hi – This sounds pretty good, but that yummy looking smoothie isn’t 0 (zer0) points on the WW Plus program. The WW leader in my meeting group told us that even though all fruits when eaten in their natural state are zero points, when you whirl them up into a smoothie they DO have points. One would need to enter the quantity of fruit and other other ingredients into the WW points calculator for an accurate points value. Sorry Ladies! It’s a great idea for getting fruit and their benefits into our bodies!

    • I’ve been trying to make some sense (in my mind) of this. I put strawberries (0 points) & Crystal Light (0 points) in a blender and they acquire points? I’m not trying to be obtuse, I just don’t get it. Finally asked my SIL who works for WW. She said as long as I wasn’t adding anything else (milk, yogurt, etc…) it remains zero points.

      • I am with you Carol…I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that a fruit would gain points by being whirled around in a blender!! Crazy talk!

  12. The coolest thing by far is using the mason jar with the blender. While I can’t wait to taste the smoothie, I’m really just dying to try the mason jar trick. I hate doing extra dishes, and your method sounds perfect….blending container and glass all in one! Thanks for the great idea!!

  13. I’m so glad I found you! I tried this with strawberries and minute maid light lemonade. It was AMAZING. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. If you want to add some extra fibre and health benefits, you can easily add spinach. You wont taste it at all, but you’ll have all the benefits of it. Also, if you do that, add some orange juice. It allows the vitamins from the spinach go into you faster.
    I make these everyday and add 1 tspn of flax seed and 1 tspn of chia seeds making it 1 point πŸ™‚

  15. According to the Weight Watchers eTools, 2 cups of frozen peaches is 3 points — so this is not a 0 PP smoothie. My WW leader said fruit is only 0 points when your body has to break it down, but if it’s in smoothie form it needs to be counted using the recipe builder. Still, better option than Jamba Juice!

  16. Just found your recipe and realized I have the same bag of frozen fruit in my freezer and some Crystal Light so I thought I would give it a try! I used Tangerine Grapefruit Crystal Light since it was the only fruity flavor I had and my smoothie was DELICIOUS!! Thank you for such a simple recipe. Love that its under 100 calories for a big glass of it πŸ™‚

  17. Re: using frozen fruit.

    I tried this recipe without frozen fruit and it just doesn’t have the same taste – frozen fruit really adds a nicer touch. I prefer to freeze my own fruit than purchase frozen (I just like to buy at the farmer’s market).

    Paula S

  18. They also make those Emergency (vit C) single serves instead of the Crystal Lite if you are one who thinks it will kill you. The raspberry ones are pretty tasty and I swear they have helped me make it though the school year without getting even a little cold!

  19. Yum! I love to make this using frozen mixed berries, a chopped up banana, and diet 7-Up! I like the “sparkly” taste the 7-Up gives it (and the artificial sweetener hasn’t killed me yet!).

  20. I will have to go buy fruits to try this out, but before I do do you think using milk and a dash of the powder will work? To make it a little thicker/creamier? or would it taste disgusting?

    • It’s worth a try, but I haven’t had a great experience with milk. If you want to make it a little creamier, add some vanilla yogurt! We love that!

  21. With all do respect…this would not be zero points plus. Blended fruit/fruit drinks are actually counted.

    Which sucks because I would love it if smoothies/other blended fruit drinks were “free.”

    • Good news (or not, depends on your personal take πŸ™‚ ) I have actually consulted with FOUR separate WW leaders who all say that you can choose whether or not you want to count the points in this smoothie or not. They all said it’s not a big deal to blend up the fruit, and that it doesn’t alter the points value all that much… so, I’m sticking with 0! It’s still fruit!

  22. I cannot wait to try this. I try to stay away from dairy because it makes me feel sick and the only smoothies I ever find contain yogurt. This sounds perfect.

  23. Hey,i love your blog but i have a question. Do you know any frutiy smoothies/drinks without milk/yoghurt? And without the crystal water you used here? We only have something simliar here but its really expensive. I love frutiy and fresh drinks like this one but i couldnt find any recipes on your blog,,
    So you would help me a lot if you could answer this (:

  24. Ok, while your disclaimer is cute and totally understandable, I still have to note here that artificial sweeteners aren’t healthy in general, but in the case of my daugther-in-law and 2 grandsons, they are deadly. All 3 of them are allergic to artificial sweeteners, as in their throat swells until they can not breathe. My 7 year old grandson has to have an epi pen because you never know when someone has used an artificial sweetener thinking they are doing good, and then he has a reaction. So while I appreciate the recipe, please understand that food allergies are very serious and I know this is a rare one, but it is a very real one.

  25. I just made this with peaches and crystal light margarita! OMG soooo good! its my new favorite and i’ll be drinking these all summer long. it would be a low cal way to make a mixed drink too!

  26. Ashton this fruit/ Crystal Light Smootie share you posted was wonderful!
    Love the 0WW Point idea too! Yes it is 0 for fruit.
    Not sure why folks would go to the trouble of bringing to your attention otherwise.
    If I don’t agree with something…I just let it go!!
    Not worth correcting and arguing about it…just don’t drink it!!
    Obviously you have done your homework…my WW leader also agrees with you.
    Anyway…loved the share and your blog!

  27. I love to blend frozen blueberries with Crystal Light Mojito. Not a smoothie, but a fabulous non-alcoholic blueberry mojito.

  28. I really like Crystal Light by itself and I have drinking smoothies nearly everyday for years. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the two mixed together. I would rather have no sweetener or a half packet of Truvia mixed in my berry, banana, any vegetable smoothie. I had to pore it out…that was a first for me. Seriously Crystal Light is not needed for a delicious skinny smoothie. Try adding for sweetness one fresh small fig or dried apricot, I think they are 1 point.


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