Single Serve Frozen Yogurt

I know I'm a couple of months past the ice cream prime-time of the year, but I've been enjoying this “recipe” so much lately that I just had to share it with you now anyway!

Confession time: I'm not actually eating dairy right now. Or chocolate.  I'm nursing my baby, and he gets sick when I eat dairy or chocolate! Worst thing for a dessert blogger everrrrrrrr.

Which is why I've had to put the Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment on hold indefinitely. Any recipe that I've posted with dairy or chocolate in the past month has either been a recipe post I prepared before baby or it's been a recipe that I've made a gazillion times for my family (so I already know how it tastes). ….OR it's been a recipe that I've snuck a bite of. Because that's been happening on occasion too ????.  But I can't figure out a way to really thoroughly test new chocolate chip cookie recipes (especially on a regular basis), so I've had to put that aside for now.

Seriously. It's a little bit like an end-of-the-world thing over here for me. I am SUCH a chocolate chip cookie fanatic.

Anyway. I've really missed a lot of my favorite treats since I've been laying off the dairy and chocolate. Most of all: ICE CREAM.

I know, I know– before you send me a million emails with all your favorite non-dairy ice cream substitutes, don't forget: NO CHOCOLATE. It makes it harder than you would think to find a non-dairy ice cream replacement! Just about all of them have chocolate chips or chocolate swirl or something. And if not chocolate, then coffee (and I'm avoiding caffeine too). And I'm not super into the fruity ice cream or sorbet thing. Just not the same satisfaction level there.

Which leaves me with just about nothing.

So I did a little amazon hunting for a single serve ice cream maker, and found this little gem made by Zoku…

Single Serve Frozen Yogurt

It's a single serve ice cream maker! And really, it's just so simple that it's dreamy. You freeze the little bowl for 12 hours, pour your “batter” in, and then stir to “churn.” It takes about 10 minutes, and voila! Ice cream!

Well… sort of ice cream ????.

In my case, it's been this….

Single Serve Frozen Yogurt

Silk vanilla yogurt! I was so excited to find this. Silk is definitely my favorite tasting brand of non-dairy yogurt, and it freezes into a really yummy frozen yogurt with a great ice-cream-like texture. I've tried a couple of other brands, and Silk really does yield the best texture. The other ones get sort of gummy (for lack of a better word there, sorry).

I usually add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, since yogurt “unsweetens” considerably once it's frozen. I've also added some fun mix-ins like raspberries, biscoff, and Golden Oreos. Just toss those into the yogurt before putting them in the Zoku bowl.

10 minutes later, I pretend I'm eating ice cream 🙂

Of course, you could use regular dairy yogurt instead. Or any of the actual ice cream batter recipes that come with the Zoku. But if you've got any sort of dietary restrictions, this ice cream maker really is a fabulous option for customizing your “ice cream” experience!

Since I don't really have a recipe for you (seriously, I really just toss a cup of yogurt into the Zoku bowl!), I'll give you a link instead. That way, you can go buy you're very own instant ice cream maker!

Here's the link:

Enjoy 🙂


This post contains affiliate links, but it is NOT sponsored by Zoku or Silk. I am NOT being compensated in any way. I just love and use these products and want to share with my readers!