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Party Popcorn Cookbook

You can purchase Party Popcorn on Amazon, IndieBound, and at Barnes & Noble.


Dear Something Swanky Reader,

I am so excited to share with you the release of my very first cookbook, Party Popcorn! As much as I love this blog, and put my heart and soul into it every day, there is something a little extra special in the experience of writing a real, actual book that I can hold in my hands. It’s a tangible realization of all the things I’ve learned and skills I’m continuing to develop in this crazy blogging and publishing experience.

So why popcorn? Why not write a book all about desserts like my blog? That, my dear reader, is a very good question.

Here is my answer: when I was initially approached about writing a cookbook, my agents and I discussed a book all about popcorn. For one, it seemed like a good move from a business perspective (who doesn’t love popcorn?!). But there was another more significant angle to writing on this topic that was very attractive to me… In my observations, popcorn seems to be a rather emotion-provoking food. It seems to hold a lot of nostalgia for most people, myself included, reminding us of times at the movies, a ball game, the holidays, and so many other happy life moments. I think I said it best in the introduction to Party Popcorn:

Popcorn, the food we snack on, is never the main attraction. It’s something we bring along for the rides that are the most fun in life. We like to keep it with us for the big events and the little moments. And, most of all, it’s there for sharing with the people who will be making memories right alongside us.

So that’s how I ended up here, with a cookbook all about Popcorn (both sweet and savory)! And it’s been an honor to write recipes that I hope will be a part of your future events and happy little moments with your family and friends.

Thank you for your support!


If you’d like a little peek inside the book and to know more about purchasing Party Popcorn, simply keep scrolling…


popcorn cover mech.rev(1)

Say goodbye to those pricey tins of gourmet popcorn, and hello to fun and flavorful, make-at-home popcorn!

Presenting both savory and sweet popcorn recipes from Pepperoni Pizza to Honey Mustard Pretzel to Cookies and Cream, so you can make a batch that’s just right for after-school snacks, game day, or movie night. Popcorn is the perfect snack alternative to the other unhealthy options out there and, to make it even better, these vibrant recipes are affordable and tons of fun to make. So instead of popping a bowl of simply buttered popcorn, how about making some party popcorn instead?


“Ashton Swank has reinvented gourmet popcorn with creative, delicious twists in her new book, Party Popcorn. buttered popcorn is going to seem ho-hum after eating treats like Turtle Brownie Popcorn, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Popcorn, and Bacon Ranch Popcorn! This is the book I’ll be reaching for in preparation for my family’s Friday Night Movie Night.”

-Lori Lange, author of The Recipe Girl Cookbook and RecipeGirl.com

“Ashton Swank’s Party Poporn is packed with Snacky recipes that will have me reaching for this book again and again. From the traditional (Classic Kettle Corn) to the adventurous (Bacon Teriyaki Popcorn) to the straight-up sinful (Salted Toffee Chocolate Popcorn), there’s something for everyone and every occasion.”

-Kate Jones, co-author of Our Best Bites and OurBestBites.com



Thank YOU so much for your support and interest in Party Popcorn. You can find it in stores on December 5, but don’t forget that you can pre-order your copy on Amazon NOW and have it delivered on it’s release date!