Party Popcorn Cookbook

PARTY POPCORN is a book full of popcorn recipes that are incredibly fun and affordable to make at home. With 75 tasty recipes, Ashton Swank offers much more than just the familiar caramel and cheddar flavors. In the savory chapter, Swank includes creations like Pepperoni Pizza, Bacon Teriyaki, and Taco Lime. The sweet options range from Turtle Brownie to Gooey S’mores to Firecracker (which has candy Pop Rocks!). There’s also a chapter devoted to popcorn fun for kids and another just for the holidays. Such a wide variety of flavored popcorn means that there’s a batch perfect for any occasion. Even better, popcorn is naturally vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, a great alternative to unhealthy processed snacks. This vibrant little volume is the definitive popcorn guide.

“Ashton Swank has reinvented gourmet popcorn with creative, delicious twists in her new book, Party Popcorn. buttered popcorn is going to seem ho-hum after eating treats like Turtle Brownie Popcorn, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Popcorn, and Bacon Ranch Popcorn! This is the book I'll be reaching for in preparation for my family's Friday Night Movie Night.”

-Lori Lange, author of The Recipe Girl Cookbook and

“Ashton Swank's Party Poporn is packed with Snacky recipes that will have me reaching for this book again and again. From the traditional (Classic Kettle Corn) to the adventurous (Bacon Teriyaki Popcorn) to the straight-up sinful (Salted Toffee Chocolate Popcorn), there's something for everyone and every occasion.”

-Kate Jones, co-author of Our Best Bites and

You can purchase Party Popcorn on Amazon, IndieBound, and at Barnes & Noble.