Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions we frequently get asked! We hope you find this a helpful resource when you have questions about our content.

I went to find one of your recipes that I love and it’s not there anymore. Where did it go??

We are always in the process of editing, updating, and re-formatting our recipes. It’s quite a large project since we have nearly a thousand recipes on the site. When we begin to update a recipe post, it goes into “limbo” until we’ve completed the process and are ready to re-post. During this time, the recipe is unavailable.

So just hang in there while we get it back to the website. If you need the recipe urgently, feel free to email us and we’ll send you the recipe as soon as possible.

Can you provide metric measurements for your recipes?

At some point in the future, we may do this. For the time being, our main focus is for our recipes and guides to offer high-quality content and provide value to you. However, if you need to convert to the metric system, there are different conversion resources online, such as Cooking Recipe Converter or Cooking Measurement Conversion Calculator.

I followed your instructions exactly and it didn’t turn out the way I want. What happened?

Unfortunately, every kitchen and every cook is different and there are all sorts of variables that could influence the outcome of a recipe. We strongly suggest keeping an eye on any new recipe in the oven the first time you make it and testing for doneness.

Here are some other general baking guidelines:

  • Cakes and brownies should always pass the toothpick test (unless specified otherwise).
  • Cookies should be a little brown on the bottom but generally not the tops or edges.
  • When making breads and other yeast recipes, reserve a cup or so of the flour in a recipe to add gradually at the end– this way you don’t add too much and end up with dry bread.

Why don’t you allow reader comments?

We made a big decision to remove the reader comment function from the blog a couple of years ago for a couple of reasons. The main one is that we simply don’t have the time to moderate and reply to each comment, as much as we would like to.

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