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*The giveaway is being provided by Davis Vision and Cade’s surgery was provided for him*

Today is the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve teamed up with a group of incredible bloggers, Favorite Family Recipes, Sweet Treats and More, The Recipe Critic, Baking with Blondie, Something Swanky, Taste and Tell, Your Cup of Cake, Brassy Apple, 365 Days of Slowcooking and Life of a Passeri to give away LASIK eye surgery worth $4800 to one lucky winner! Just scroll to the bottom of the post to enter!

But, wait that’s not all, I wanted this giveaway to not just be something fun, but something that could truly be a blessing to the winner and then we decided, well couldn’t we help everyone out? So, even if you don’t win you’ll be sent an exclusive discount from Davis Vision and all of us so that we can take the burden of how expensive surgery can be and make it more affordable for everyone!


The Story: Giving Cade the Surprise of His Life and Why We Chose Davis Vision

Cade has been dying to have Lasik done for years and years, but I was always super hesitant to spend all of that money. A little while back I decided that I should do a little research and find out just what this whole LASIK thing was all about. I looked at pretty much ever single office here in Utah and settled on Davis Vision.

Here are a few reasons why and then I’ll fill you in on just how I surprised Cade with a pretty sweet early Father’s Day Gift, and if you scroll down I’ll finish the story.

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

    1. Dr. Davis has performed over 25,000 vision correction procedures
    2. Every person has seen an improvement in vision.
    3. Advanced Blade Free LASIK can have outcomes as good as 20/15
    4. Dr. Davis has several options available because everyone has different eyes.
    5. Some who weren’t candidates in the past are now candidates due to technology advancements.
    6. Dr. Davis also performs ICL and cataract surgery.
    7. Dr. Davis helped develop the technology that is used in LASIK as an electrical engineer in the 1980’s
    8. Care Credit is available to patients who qualify, (0% interest is never a bad thing)
    9. Dr Davis and his staff are kind, and more concerned with the patient and what a great privilege it is to change their life through corrected vision than prices, gimmicks etc. (This was a really big deal for us)
    10. Lasik is performed with the intralase laser which means that the surgery is less complicated, lower risk and easier to recover from versus the blade procedure. Plus it only takes 10-15 minutes to do it!

So, Kyle, the marketing man behind Davis Vision and I decided that it would be really cool to host a blogger event where we could all learn about LASIK surgery and Davis Vision and then surprise Cade and do the surgery right then and t

here for everyone to watch. What better way to learn about something than to actually get to see it all go down right?

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

I had to get pretty tricky since Cade has been dying to have the surgery done. For months I played the part of a penny pinching wife that wasn’t willing to pay for such a surgery. Every time Cade brought it up (and he had good reason. The poor man was legally blind his eyesight was so horrible!) I’d pretend to be a little frustrated and say that I really wanted to wait and save up a little more money. In May I told Cade that we had been invited to a 1-800 Contacts event and he would receive a 1 year supply of contacts. I had no choice! First I needed a way to get him to the surgery, and two, I’d been stealing his contacts and finally ripped one because he couldn’t wear contacts 1 week before surgery. I couldn’t risk him wearing them or ordering a new pair! I should mention, we had already had a free consult (Dr. Davis offers those for everyone, so go check it out!) so we knew he was a candidate.

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

The night of the event finally arrived. We got to Dr. Davis’s office and a bunch of bloggers were already there. Kyle and Dr Davis talked a little about the office, etc and then took us on a tour. Cade was loving it. All of us bloggers and employees etc were dying with excitement. How could he not have guessed yet?! Then Robyn suggested someone get into the booties, hat etc so we could see what a patient looks like. All of us girls quickly said, “Not me!” so Cade had to do it. When he came back out I said…

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

(The moment we told him he was getting LASIK right then and there)

“Well Cade, we’re actually here to watch you get your surgery done!” He of course said, “What? haha, yeah right!” And we all chimed in, “No, really. You’re getting LASIK right now!!” Best. Moment. Ever. He started laughing, we all started laughing, and then he teared up and we all did.

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

Next thing you know everyone is drying their tears and Cade walked into surgery. Literally within minutes they had his eyes numbed and the surgery began. Want to see a few short clips of it happening? It is a little graphic so don’t click through if an eyeball bothers you. I was fine and found it fascinating! (Oh and how sweet is it that they have a blanket and bear for patients to stay warm, comfortable and relaxed? Plus holding a bear keeps their hands away from their eyes.)

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

When we got home he just had to put eye drops in every 30 minutes to keep them moist, and 4 times a day his two eye drop prescriptions. Oh, and they put awesome little goggle things on him that he wears to bed every night for almost a week. Could you tell he was excited to come out of surgery 10 minutes later?!

Davis Vision for lasik surgery

Cade had no pain, and although his eyes did feel a little dry at times he was perfect. The next morning he woke up and we headed in for a post operation appointment. He was already at 20/15 (which is better than 20/20!) and the best part, it only gets better/sharper every day. All morning he kept saying, “Holy crap, I can see you! Holy crap I just read that paper from here!!!” It was like a crazy miracle. Best decision ever.

And now it’s your chance to have the surprise/experience of a lifetime! Enter the giveaway below and not only will you receive a special discount just in case you don’t win, but if you do you’ll receive a $4800 surgery for free!!!

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