Where to even begin?! August has been a little crazier than I expected, and I've had the camera out MORE than I thought I would and LESS than I wanted to all at the same time.

On the one hand, I feel like I've been doing photo shoots (both of food and people) like crazy. Partly because of the wedding I shot at the beginning of the month and partly because I started a second blog with my brother (which means MORE PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD!). But more on that in a sec.

I also said I feel like I've had my camera out LESS than I'd like too. That's because I didn't get to take pictures of the fun stuff we did or sweet moments with my kiddos very much. Partly…. because August wasn't really all that fun ????. And also because I've been nuts with the other stuff. So today will be a random hodgepodge of more food, wedding, and a little bit of family mixed in there too 🙂

DSC_2253 BW

Like I said, the wedding photos consumed a lot of my August.

Partly because I took THOUSANDS of pictures. Literally. But also because (????????????) my camera had a slight malfunction starting the day of the wedding (unbeknownst to me), which made editing extra time consuming.

Despite the camera deciding to hate me, it was such a lovely wedding and I felt so honored to be a part of it! I would love to progress in my photography enough to shoot more weddings and really be able to better capture the beauty of it all.

There were so many sweet details to this one, and the venue was gorgeous! Here are some of my favorite shots:



DSC_2345 BW



DSC_3369 BW





I think the bride's portraits were my absolute faves. I've been holding them back for months, because I didn't want to spoil the reveal for the big day. But now I can show you!!! I give you…. bride-ly lovliness in all its glory.







I know, right? I could live in a cloud of gold confetti. ????


In other big news…. I have another food blog!!! Keat's Eats is a new site that I've just started with my brother. It's going to be an absolute blast over there with LOTS of really, really great food. I'm still trying to find a design that I like, we're definitely going with a more masculine feel over there– both in design and food 🙂 Here's some of what I've been sharing over there (and a few recipes to come):

Southern Hot Crackers– this recipe is ree-dunk-ulous. Trust me and make it. PLEASE.



Easy Peasy Biscuits & Gravy– this gravy recipe has been on our menu frequently in recent months. It is SO unbelievably easy. If you struggle with gravy. THIS RECIPE IS FOR YOU!



I haven't posted these BBQ Chicken Sliders yet, but I am obsessed with them and with these photos. I never knew I could love photographing chicken as much as cookies!



Last, but not least… we started school this month!


My daughter is my whole world (cross my heart), but school needed to start for us. Desperately. I am SO not one of those moms who thinks Summer Vacation just goes by too quickly, and I don't get sad when it's time for my kid to be gone all day. If you ask me, it's just the natural progression of things. And for good reason! ????

Anyway. School's in, we're all happy, and we took some pretty dang cute pictures to prove it…






PS- CJ has been napping TWO HOURS longer since Emma has been back in school. I'm just sayin…. back to school has been a very good thing for the Swanks!


Tricked ya– I got one more thing to show you:



It's coming along! We're super excited 🙂 I'll post more about the house next week, but I just couldn't go without mentioning it ????.

What I'm Loving

Sadly, I have to cut this section short for this week. But I'll give you the condensed, picture-less version of the things I've been obsessed with in the past few weeks:

  • Honey Chicken at the Chinese place by my Dad's office. It is EVERYTHING.
  • Norwex. Yes. I drank the Kool-Aid. And the stories are true– it's life changing.
  • Still Stitch Fix. Always.
  • Vanilla + Cookie Dough + Nutella. Do it!!

Until next week… ❤️✌????????