Oh my gosh, has it really been almost 2 months since my last Our Week in Pictures post?!?!?!?

Man. Time flies when you're exhausted. ????

We've had a really great summer, but somehow the days have felt especially tiring since we've been off of our school schedule and routine. Maybe the days feel fuller and longer since the kids are generally going to bed later? Maybe it's just because we're packing so much fun into our weeks? Maybe it's because my face feels like it's going to melt off everytime I step outside?

Who knows? But my money's on that last one.

So anyway. We've been filling our summer days with ¢.50 Frostys, playdates with the neighbors, and lots of time with the sprinkler underneath the trampoline. Honestly, it's been a blast. Exhausting. But in a good way.

One of our very favorite memories we've made this summer is the day Emma and her friends had a lemonade stand. My mom built this little cart for Emma for her birthday, and she loves it.

The girls spent the entire afternoon preparing to sell lemonade by making posters, delivering flyers to the neighbors, and baking cookies. Thanks to our very sweet neighbors, it was a screaming success!


The beginning of July brought, of course, the 4th and our annual participation in the children's parade downtown. We celebrated CJ's 2nd birthday just a couple of days later. And Nana and Papa came to visit! It was a very busy, very fun week.


Other than all of that, we've just been hammering away at our summer bucket list.

I love our summer bucket list and weekly activity schedule. It helps me commit to doing at least ONE thing each day for the kids enjoyment, and it also helps them to know what to expect and what to look forward to. And I think it helps Emma feel a little more in control of what we do, since I let her pick from the bucket list each week.

This week the kids went out in the canoe with Chris. They weren't able to fish (since the fishing poles were accidentally left behind at my parents' house after our beach trip), but I think they had fun going out on the pond anyway. And it's always a thrill anytime they get to do something with Dad (they're totally bored of Mom)!


What I'm Loving

I swear, almost everyday I have a list of things going through my head that I want to share with you guys in this post. And then I sit down to write it and can't remember anything at all! So… taking my memory lapse into consideration, here are a few things that I've been loving lately.

I ADORE these two workout tops from Target (here's the link to the tank and a link to the one with sleeves). I'm at the heaviest weight I've ever been, and I'm struggling to find clothes that fit comfortably (much less flatter me!). It's been especially hard to find workout clothes that I like. Even the 2XL in most tops has felt too restricting (I need to my workout tops to be really loose or else I lose my mind).

But these two tops are AMAZING. They're cute, comfortable, and about as flattering as it's going to get for me at this weight (not trying to be self-pitying, just stating the facts). I highly, highly recommend these tops. I love that I'm not constantly tugging at them and that they don't restrict my arms at all. Two thumbs WAY up from me!


Speaking of being overweight and uncomfortable in my clothes… I cannot get enough of these jeggings from Old Navy. Especially the gray ones. OMG. They are literally like sweats! Well, the gray ones are. The denim ones fit a little tighter, but still reallllllly comfortable all things considered.

And just to be clear here… it's not that I'm planning to stay at this size or that I'm encouraging anyone else to settle for being overweight. I just figure if I find a product I love and that helps me feel more comfortable and nice-looking at a bigger size, it's probably worth sharing– since I figure I'm not alone in feeling like my pants are too tight lately, right? Right???

So anyway. If you're in my shoes and looking for some clothes to see you through the “heavier” times– or if you're just looking for a great pair of jeans that LOOK like jeans but fit like leggings– then here you go. You'll love these!

Ok, I know these covers look suuuuuuuuper cheesey. But I swear, these are seriously the BEST books. I'm obsessed with everything Tamera Alexander writes, and I just gobbled up the Timber Ridge Reflections series. It's a squeaky clean, Christian romance series set in the Colorado territory just after the Civil War.

SO. GOOD! If this genre is up your alley at all, give these a read. And be patient– I felt like the first chapters of all these books were a little slow. But after that, I was hooked.



If you're not watching Parks & Rec, stop what you're doing right now and start!!!! Okay, so actually the first season– it's not that good. But it picks up in the second and only gets better from there.

Sometimes, when it's just been a rotten day, we'll turn this on and laugh our cares away. It has seriously been the best cure for the blues. And we ALWAYS watch an episode after we watch any kind of murder-mystery or anything that's particularly intense. I can't go to sleep after one of those type shows, so we always end on Parks & Rec. The characters are downright loveable, and by season 6… they kind of feel like family.

Just skip season 1 if you need to. You won't miss much.


I'm a little more hesitant to tout this show. It's one of the shows I have to chase down with an episode or two of Parks & Rec. But we're three episodes in, and it's possible that I love it. It's maaaaaaaaybe on the edge of a little too sinister for me, but time will tell. However, my initial reaction is that it's a binge-worthy Netflix find.

Luther is a super-intense London cop (think Danny Reagan from Blue Bloods) who is especially talented at solving weird and puzzling homicides. Depending on how they develop Ruth Wilson's character (she's the villain in the pilot episode) and involvement with Luther, I could see us really loving this series. I think they're going to have to make her less creepy though (I have an especially low “thriller” tolerance).


That's it from me! Have a great week loves 🙂