Hey hey! I know I usually try to post our family pics on the weekend, but our lives are a little topsy-turvy at the moment getting ready for the move and all. So I'm just rolling with the punches here and posting today! Because… I remembered to do it today. So I am. ????

Here's what's been going down around here the last few weeks!




Emma and I had the most pitiful pumpkin carving party ever. Like EVER ????.

But time was running out and I knew she was dying to do it! So the Saturday before Halloween, I just dropped everything and we went outside with a sharpie and a steak knife. She drew the faces, I carved them out, badda bing badda boom DONE. ????????




Part of the reason our pumpkin carving efforts were so sad is because Chris is the pumpkin carver in our house. And he's been out of town for the past two weekends helping with Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Florence, SC and Lumberton, NC. Even though single mom-ing it hasn't been a blast on the weekends, I'm so grateful to have a husband who is so devoted to serving those in need. We are very proud of him!





And then, of course, there was Halloween! We had a blast at the church Trunk or Treat. We also went to a block party and group Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood. Emma was IN HEAVEN walking door to door with a big group of kids her own age. It was amazing.

And I rekindled my love of Milky Ways.



This was possibly the cutest thing that's happened since CJ was born. Emma was reading to herself, so CJ grabbed his own book and hopped up beside her to read too. He just cracked me up with this! Kicked back and relaxed with a good read.

How old is this kid?! ????


A little playtime at the fountain last Saturday. Presh.



Ok, this isn't the best picture. We've had a hard time getting out to the house for photos during daylight hours since the time change. I'll get some better ones for sure on Sunday, but until then I wanted to at least be able to show you some of the progress on the outside! We've got landscaping and stonework and sidewalks! Yay!

Things are moving quickly on the inside too. We've got counters and cabinets and floors and base boards and paint ????????. Like I said, better pics to come soon!


What I'm Loving

Ok, I've skimped on this section for the past several weeks, but I promised myself I'd at least get three things down here today. Every day, I'm like “oh, I TOTALLY need to tell my readers about *insert whatever thing I'm obsessed with* this week!” And then by the time I sit down to write, I've totally forgotten.

But of the things I can remember, here's what I'm digging…


I've mentioned this before, but I'm getting really back into it lately. I LOVE Jessica Smith TV walking workouts on YouTube. They're easy, they're satisfying, I break a good sweat (as long as I plug in my own music and work to the beat), and I can do it in the tiniest of spaces in my living room, even with a toddler at my feet. It's THE BEST at home, mom-friendly, low impact, get-those-steps-in workout I've ever done. LOVE. Plus– free on YouTube!

My latest guilty pleasure… PEPPERMINT HOT CHOCOLATE K-CUPS!!! And a side of two Milk Ways ????. And since I'm a grown up… I get to do it.
Signing off for today! Have a fabulous Thursday ya'll ❤️.