Usually I use my Instagram account as a cheat sheet for these posts. I can't hardly remember what's happened only a few hours earlier, so recalling an entire week (or 2 or 3, as the case may be here) without any help is pretty much not gonna happen.

Unfortunately… I've been a pretty lazy Instagrammer lately. Whoops! I don't really know what's happened. I think I'm in a bit of a funk. You know when you have SO much to do that you don't even know where to begin, so you just… don't? That's me.

But the thing about having kids is that that they make you get up and do stuff anyway. I cleaned out my camera tonight and realized that we actually have done some fun things and captured some sweet moments in the past few weeks (who knew?). So without further ado, here's what we've been up to!


I guess our big happenings were all in DC. If you want a play by play of our miserable weekend excursion, it's all in this post.

Among a few of the non-awful things that weekend was this moment with Emma in our hotel room. She was PUMPED about the room. Like, she could barely contain her excitement. She thought it was so nice and big and fancy. She couldn't hardly stand it.


She loved the fluffy bed, and watching her jump around was just too cute not to catch.



We visited the DC temple while we were there. Which was almost a pleasant experience. Everyone tried anyway.

Our strained smiles kind of crack me up though.








The tailgating party was a lot of fun. Emma got her face painted, Chris and I got to talk with lots of BYU alumni folks and get pumped up to party when BYU comes to NC in 2017, and we even won a raffle prize!




OF COURSE I forgot to bring a memory card into the stadium with me for the game. So. That was a bummer. But here are some phone pics:


Don't tell Emma, but we're getting a bunch of the cheerleaders to sign a photo mat and framing this picture for Emma for Christmas! She carried around a notebook the whole weekend hoping to get their autographs and then forgot to take it with her into the stadium!





Good times. But… you know. Not really. ????

Anyway. In OTHER news– our house finally got siding!


We were told that our closing date will be November 22, but I'm a little worried that Hurricane Matthew might be changing that. I'll letcha know what we find out. It's crazy rain and wind around here!


Emma got into my suuuuuper nice and pricey (for me) palette of Maskcara foundation and blush. Which was too cute for me to get upset. Especially when she got embarrassed when I told her she looked like a clown. Which I only said because that's what my mother said to me when I did the same thing years ago.

Everyone acted like I was so mean to say that. But I turned out okay. ???? And, you know… someone needs to tell us girls when we put on our makeup too heavy! Am I right??


I felt like the pics were a little Emma-heavy, so here are a couple of my main man to even things up a bit:

dsc_1163 dsc_1164


Okay, last but not least… big news in our family was my brother getting into the Advertising program at BYU!!!!! ????????


Side note– ladies! How handsome is this mug? He's totally single. So. You know… call him. Maybe. ????

Okay, seriously though. The reason I'm sharing this here is because he made this AWESOME video for his application to the program that I just have to share, because I am that obnoxiously proud big sister. Watch it though– you'll see! He's so cool.

One of his first projects he's tacking as an ad student is this really fun Kickstarter campaign for Defy Creations. Since I'm the best big sister in the world, I promised him I'd tell you all about it.

In a nutshell, they make art out of sounds. Yup.


Some people just got all the creative genes.

Anyway. The product itself is pretty cool (you can record any sound– your baby laughing, someone saying ‘I love you,' whatever– and they turn it into a print of the soundwaves). You should definitely check it out, especially with Christmas coming up.

BUUUUUUUUT, what I'd really love for you to do is to show my brother a little love. Do you have a second?

He would die and go to heaven if you guys would head over to Defy Creations (just real quick, I promise!) and sign up for their mailing list. I promise, they won't spam you or anything. They just want to make sure people know when they're launching products or running a great deal.

And if you just can't give up your email address (trust me, I sooooooooooooo get that), would you go like their Facebook Page?

You're a peach. Thanks.


One more pic just for good measure. How can you resist a handsome, single guy who poses with his mother? Seriously, girls. I'm just saying.

They don't make 'em like this anymore. ????

What I'm Loving

Okay. There's a ton of stuff I want to put in this section, but if I'm being honest… it's kinda late. And I really want to chow down on a bowl of ice cream and read my latest book. So.

How about we make a date for a lot more of What I'm Loving for next time. And for today, I'll leave you with this awesomenes…

We've been dying over this video at my house! We blast it at full volume, play it on repeat, and dance all morning and afternoon. You cannot listen to it and not feel better about your day. Just try it!

Happy weekend folks! If you're on the east coast, stay safe friends! XOXO