Our week. Ourrrrrrr week…………..

I guess it was mostly a blur of this:

Soft and chewy snickerdoodles with a sweet cream cheese filling in the middle.


and this

A flaky, buttery homemade crust filled with a fudgy brownie. This is exactly what your Thanksgiving needs!


and this

Soft and chewy snickerdoodle cookies with white chocolate M&Ms and white chocolate chips.






and so. so. so. much. more.

I've been cranking out an average of 4-5 recipes per day, photos and all, trying to prep for the move. Imagine making Thanksgiving dinner (minus the Turkey) over and over and over again. That's basically where we've been. Plus, I think the kids have been here somewhere (?????)… I think I might have cleaned something at some point… I know I've eaten Chinese food twice… and that's about all I can recall ????.

Oh! And I clumsily ventured into the world of video editing. Which is INSANE for me. For spending most of my days up to my eyeballs in “computer stuff,” I'm relatively technologically challenged. And to say I've been behind the times where video is concerned would be a major understatement. On a whim, I decided to download this editing program and just gave it a shot.  It's a little (or a lot) rough around the edges, but I think I'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Probably just in time for videos to go out of style, but whatever.

Here are the two videos I cranked out last night:

A little blurry? Yep. Off center? Uh-huh. Sort of major lighting problems? Yessssss ????.

But you know what? It's lightyears better than I ever thought I could do on my own! I usually send my videos off to my brother to take care of all the fancy stuff for me. But he's super busy in college and doesn't have a ton of time to help his video-challenged sister. So this is BIG STEPS for me in the right direction for Something Swanky, and I'm actually pretty thrilled about these two messy videos!

Ok, so I actually do have a couple of non-food moments from this week that I can share with you (other events are slowly coming back to me ????).





Cutest thing EVER. Right??

Ha. Too bad it's a total lie. Those first two are from a shoot I did at home before we left for the game. And she's totally in tears in that last shot. You just can't tell. She lasted for like 5.2 seconds after this and we both spent the rest of the game on the sidelines in tears and frustration, culminating in some of my all-time worst parenting moments EVER.

What on earth happened?? I don't have a clue. Something about the bugs? Or the heat? I'm really not sure. All I know is that at one point I was literally banging my head against the chain link fence. So annnnnnnyway. At least the pictures are cute!


On a happier note…

THE HOUSE! It's still my favorite thing to talk about ????.






Chris and I got to go spend a little more time at the Dan Ryan Design Center (I WANT TO LIVE THERE!) yesterday shooting a little footage for the marketing video we're working on. It was kind of fun getting to see all of our design choice samples again! Plus, we got to hang out with Mary Katherine (our design center person). And I kind of want to be her best friend, because she's just so adorable.






I think that covers all the high points! Looking back on the past two weeks, I'm realizing that I haven't taken many pictures of CJ. Which is a crying shame, because he is actually going through a SUPER adorable stage right now. He's snuggly and sweet and totally discovering communication, which I'm loving. And despite the way this post makes things look, I've actually been making a concerted effort to drop what I'm doing and take time to chase him around the house, snuggle on the couch, throw the ball, play cars, and tickle him pink.



What I'm Loving


Listen, I'm not selling this stuff. I'm not getting any kickbacks for touting it (yet— Imma have to look into that though!), I just genuinely love my Norwex cloths and feel like I need to shout it from the rooftops.

Again– seriously, I have nothing to do with selling Norwex. In fact, I paid like DOUBLE so that I could order from Amazon and not have to go through a really sale-sy consultant when I wasn't sure if they were even all that great. Lesson learned. Just do yourself a favor and buy from a consultant! It's so much cheaper, and I promise you're going to love it.

Here's my 2 cent review on Norex cloths… I know there's all this buzz about Norwex being “safe” for your house since you aren't using chemicals or whatever. Honestly, I don't really care about that. I don't have a problem using Clorox or Windex in my house. But here's what I DO care about:

Norwex makes cleaning SO FRIGGIN EASY!

I know I won't do these cloths justice in my description here, but I'm going to do my best try to explain just how these magic little rags have totally transformed my cleaning habits. Basically… you don't need any other cleaning supplies. You don't need a roll of paper towel or a stack of 10 rags. I can LITERALLY clean my whole place with just one envirocloth (the thicker, multi-purpose best seller) and the polishing cloth (my personal favorite, it's like Windex without the Windex).

The Envirocloth cleans EVERYTHING (including kids, no joke). And cleans it really, really well. There's no residue left behind, it gets up tough stuff easily, and it even cleans spots off the carpet/rugs/upholstery. I even take it out to the van and clean the whole thing in about 5 minutes. All it needs is a quick rinse and wring-out every once in a while during cleaning. Seriously. All you need is water. And it rinses out SO WELL. It's not like using a normal cloth. The dirty stuff doesn't cling to the Envirocloth somehow. I don't know. It's magic. That's the best I can do to describe it.

And the polishing cloth– it's my favorite. With JUST WATER I can wipe down all the glass and mirrors and electronic screens and shiny fixtures without any streaks. It's amazing.

So, now, instead of having assigned days for the bathroom and kitchen and dusting… I do them all EVERY DAY in just a few minutes. I know I sound sale-sy, but I am totally for real here. It has been AWESOME.

The only thing I still do only once a week is the toilets– because I don't care what Norwex says, I can't handle wiping down the toilet and then continuing to use the cloth without a sanitizing wash cycle. I wash the rags once a week, and I just wait until then to wipe down the toilets and then throw it in the washing machine.

So there you go! I know that was wordy, but I'm so in love. I just had to tell you guys! If I ever get around to hooking up with a consultant on this, I'll let you know and provide you with some links. In the meantime, just go surf FB for Norwex groups. You'll find a ton and can order stuff at a good price through consultants.

Yay for easier cleaning!! Norwex is seriously the only way I'm surviving the massive amount of baking I'm doing. You should see the messes I can make in the kitchen ????.


Ok. I gotta go bake and photograph and clean. And repeat. Have a great long weekend! XOXO