Our Week in Pictures + What I’m Loving

Hey, hey it’s July!! July is arguably my favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday, wedding anniversary, 4th of July (which I LOVE), my son’s birthday, and it’s just an overall feel-good summer month in my opinion.

July is all about BBQs and the pool and getting way off schedule in the best way. I’ve just always loved it. It makes me happy to have arrived at this part of the year ????. Plus, after July, it’s all downhill till Christmas! Although, this year I suspect the 5 months in between July and Christmas will be the longest 5 months between July and Christmas of my life. We haven’t even broken ground yet, and I’m so impatient for our house to be built!

Chris and I are already arguing over new furniture, which doesn’t bode well for our marriage over the next few months…????

Anyway. Our past couple of weeks have looked something like this…


Yay! Our lot :)



Ashton! Stop taking pictures of our empty lot. You’re being so awkward.



Scoping out “her room” in the model house.




Discovering stairs and construction materials. ????????




We kept Father’s Day pretty simple this year. We bought Chris tickets to a BYU game in the Fall, and we agreed to let those be his Birthday/Father’s Day/Anniversary gifts for this year, since we’re pinching pennies for the house this year. But we made him his favorite breakfast (hash browns, chorizo, and eggs wit BBQ sauce), and Emma got a little crafty.

We spent the afternoon at my parent’s house, where my Dad and Emma harvested the first veggies out of the garden! My grandpa was an enthusiastic gardener, and I couldn’t help but think of him and how much he would have loved watching my dad teach Emma about gardening.






More Father’s day pictures…




We made “slime” putty out of glue and borax.



We did lots of other cool things too, like go to a Summer Solstice Tea Party, story time at the library, and lots of pool time. But the kids are up from naps (or “quiet time” in Emma’s case), and I’m out of time to peacefully work at the computer. So, it looks like that’s it from me for the week!

Have a good one :)

What I’m Loving


I pre-ordered this earlier in the year, and I’m just getting around to reading it! But about 2 pages in, I realized that I don’t remember anything (I seriously hate getting into a series while it’s still being written!), so I’m going back to read the first (well, technically fourth, but it’s the first of the second set of the series… if that makes sense?) one over again first. LOVE this series!!



I became obsessed with the Chopped podcast this week. I’ve never really been one for podcasts, but this one is all about food blogging, so it’s PERFECT for me! I listened to the one with Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom (pictured above), Carrian Cheney, and Kristen Doyle.


And, thanks to a recommendation in one of those Chopped podcast episodes, I got hooked on a new planner– this Day Designer by Whitney English.



Signing off! Enjoy your Fourth :)

Ashton Swank

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