Warning: not enough photos and too much text. Sorry! But read on, and you'll understand why.

WHAT A WEEK!!! You guys. Seriously. Summer is crazy enough for us as it is with birthdays and anniversaries, but we've just added a whole new level this week.

Because, as of this past Tuesday, we are OFFICIALLY house hunting with bank approval and all.

And……. as of today………. the hunt is officially OVER and we are putting down money to start building our very first house!!! We haven't slept a wink all week from sheer excitement/anxiety/terror. I just keep thinking that surely we're not grown up enough to be doing this, are we?!?

This is an inventory home we walked in hopes of buying, but it had already been sold. We liked it so much though, that we're going to use the same floor plan for ours!

This is an inventory home we walked in hopes of buying, but it had already been sold. We liked it so much though, that we're going to use the same floor plan for ours!

Of course, I've heard plenty of horror stories from people who began building their house and ended up jumping ship before it was done. I know the upgrades are pricey, I hear the process is a headache, and it seems like there's an added element of uncertainty as opposed to buying an existing house… but even so, we're so excited to begin this long-awaited journey for our little family (and fingers and toes all crossed that we don't hit too many bumps in the road along the way!).

More details on the house to come in future months I'm sure. But for now… we had another big thing happen in our week!

My handsome man turned 33 years old 🙂

I have a rule for birthdays that I started following a few years ago; and as long as I abide by that rule, I don't get stressed out over birthdays. It is….. that I don't make birthday cakes.

I refuse.

There's just too much pressure. And the cute cake bit just isn't my thing. Making cakes for photographing is completely different than making a cake for actual presentation. In a photograph, you want the cake to look appetizing. So you can cut it up, take a forkful out, let ganache and other toppings drip all over the place… most of the time, appetizing = messy. Which is NOT what a birthday cake is supposed to be. And I used to find myself completely stressed out, with a messy sticky kitchen, a cake I was less than pleased with, and usually at least one emotional melt down every time there was a birthday to bake for. So I decided a long time ago that we would start buying all birthday cakes. And it's been gloriously blissful.

But this year, Chris decided to insist that I make his birthday cake. Knowing full well how I feel about it, mind you. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't bat an eye at refusing him. But this year, we bought his birthday present months ago, which left nothing for him to actually unwrap on the day. He knows I have a soft spot for birthdays, and not having a gift for him to open left me vulnerable to his stupid homemade cake request. After enough griping, my mom agreed to make the coconut pecan frosting if I would simply bake the cake.

Which we did. And it was perfectly lovely.


Or so I thought. Until I pulled out my chocolate cake, and everyone gasped to see it still in the 9×13 baking dish instead of some tiered masterpiece that was (apparently) the expectation.

***Insert all the eye rolling emojis here***

So I plopped two slices on top of each other to give Chris a properly tiered birthday cake.

Problem solved. #firstworldprobs

More eye rolling emojis.



Chris's birthday is actually the day we set up an impromptu meeting with our now mortgage broker and began our extremely brief house hunting experience. So the rest of the week has really been a blur of walking through mostly ugly houses, dragging kids in and out of the van in the already-blazing summer heat and humidity, and poring over like 8 thousand gajillion listings online into the wee hours of the night every day.

Our car is stained with several lovely colors of sonic slushes, filled with old corndog sticks, and– oh yeah– I rear ended a car in the parking lot in the middle of all the hoop-lah; so it's also now sporting a lovely scrape on it's back end.

We've eaten out nearly every meal. And the kids have eaten more junk food in this short 4-day period of house hunting than I have ever allowed in the entire history of my time as Mom (yes, I said kids, as in plural, as in including my 11-month old). We ALL have stomach aches.

What I'm Loving

I'm loving that my husband hasn't lectured me on all the money we've spent eating out.

I'm loving that I spent my entire evening finishing a book instead of cleaning, working, or a million other things I should have done.

I'm loving my two new water cups that I didn't take the time to photograph for this post (maybe next week?).

I'm loving that someone is coming to babysit my kids this morning so Chris and I can meet with the builder today in peace. Hallelujah.

I'm loving my red nails.

And I continue to love our new library and my super cheesy selection of reading material.


Most of all….. I really love that this week is over.

See ya on Monday ✌????.