We all scream for Ice Cream with Unilever! Recipe

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This post brought to you by Unilever Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.

If there is one dessert in my life that I simply can’t get enough of, it’s Ice Cream!

 photo 5d20da5d-48e8-47b6-aa37-0b59ecd8a0c2_zps2303edc5.jpg Lucky for me, Unilever gave me a spectacular sampling of their fabulous ice creams for me and my friends to try! We had lots of fun, pool side, in the sun, enjoying our creamy delicacies.

Of course… at the moment, my friends are mostly all under the age of 4 and it was a kiddie pool in my yard…

This little booger was quite taken with these Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bars.



While I loved the Strawberry Fruttare pops,  the Oreo Klondike Bars, and the Breyers No Sugar Added Vanilla (I’m crazy about vanilla icce cream, becuase you can add so many toppings!), I have to say…


that this is where it’s at boys and girls. These Magnum Ice Cream bars with almonds were my absolute FAVORITES. Like… this pop in the picture is literally the only one that made it to the party.

Because I ate the rest of the box the day before. (Uh, yikes, I know. But still soooooo good).


Which are your favorites?? Which would YOU choose?

Maybe you don’t like to choose. I get that.

So how about I give you a free box of each? That way you can try them all for yourself, and make a really educated decision. That sounds smart to me!

Simply leave me a comment telling me which ice cream you’d like to try and why! I’ll draw a winner on July 29.



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47 thoughts on “We all scream for Ice Cream with Unilever! Recipe”

  1. I have to say I love those Magnum chocolate almond bars a lot! Around my house if I don’t hide the ice cream bars I don’t get any…..my hubby thinks that if they are in the freezer, that must mean they are his…I don’t think he learned to share as a child,,,So if you choose me, I will hide them and eat them all my self! yeah I’m going to be greedy

  2. I love strawberry shortcake, so I would like to try it in ice cream form! I love the picture of the little guy chowing down on his strawberry shortcake ice cream… so cute!

  3. Oh I completely understand about your eating all those. Ice cream is a BIG weakness of mine. I can’t get enough of it most of the time. I would love to try the almond chocolate bars. I would be thrilled to try plain vanilla. That is a great dessert to me.

  4. I love ice cream too! I eat a cup or bar everyday. I have eaten my way through boxes of everything shown except the Fruttare bars and they are on my list next. Pick me and I will head down to the basement and make room in my freezer now! {love the pics of the little ones with their goodies!}

  5. It would just make my day to try the Klondike Bars. The creamy smooth cold ice cream with Oreo cookie crunchy bits…..surrounded by hardened chocolatey goodness!

  6. I love Magnums. All sorts!! But i’ve never tried Oreo ice cream. The cookies are great, so it must be sensational to taste the ice cream.

  7. i would LOVE to try the fruttare – the commercial make it look so refreshing. THAT’S good advertising right there…

  8. I used to love the strawberry shortcake bars when I was a kid! I haven’t tried the Fruttare bars yet, so I’d have to request those!

  9. I always go for chocolate. It doesn’t matter how good anything else looks or what my intentions were before I saw the chocolate. (Because the strawberry shortcake ones looked so good) Once I’ve seen the chocolate then it’s only ALL about the chocolate. So yeah I need the magnum ice cream.

  10. I would love to try the Magnum ice cream bars they sound and look delicious,
    I also want to try the coconut Fruttare in the future.

  11. I grew up with popsicles and Klondikes, but I have had my eye on the Magnums since I saw them at Target a few months back. They have a mini version that is like a bite sized ice cream candy bar.

  12. I would love to the Klondike Oreo bars! I’m not sure if I have had those particular Magnum bars, but I have had a couple of their flavors. They are delicious!

  13. I would for sure like to try the Magnum Bars! They always look like they’re made for the kings and queens in the advertisements. And plus, the fact that you liked them so much must mean they’ve got to be the best ones anyway!

  14. I’d love to try all of them (who wouldn’t?!) but the Magnum Bars with almonds would be my first pick. I love chocolate and almonds–and ice cream. Put them all together and it’s a winner in my book! Thanks.

  15. I have tried all of them! I love ice cream. But I agree with you – I like vanilla so that i can add a variety of toppings!


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