As everything else on this blog, I've switched up the bottom of my posts pretty frequently– 
it's usually been some variation of links parties I participate in, social media icons, 
and/or a brief, friendly thanks for stopping by!
There are lots of ways to utilize the bottom of your post, and today I'm going to cover a few of the FAQ's I get about mine.

Before I get to some of the specific questions, here's a step-by-step for installing anything into your post footer– once you install anything, it will automatically come up in all of your post unless you go back and delete it.

  1. Anything you want to install other than text needs to be in HTML form.
  3. If you're wanting to add something to the bottom of the post, type in

    first, and then paste your HTML code after. This way, you have a couple of lines of space to start your post when you go to write a new one.
  4. Save!
1. How did you get all of the blog party buttons so nice and neat under your post?
My answer: painstakingly 

 I'd do it differently if I were doing it all over again!
Here are a couple of different ways I've thought of…

METHOD #1: Use Picmonkey Collage
  • Visit the different blogs you regularly link up to (and I'd limit this to only the blogs that require you to have their button in your post– most of them don't!) and save the image of their button to your desktop.
  • Once you have all the images saved, open up a new collage in Picmonkey (Yes! They offer collage now!)
  • Select “ducks in a row” (or another layout if you see one you like better), and upload the button images. Arrange the images in the collage.
  • Save to desktop and resize to be small enough to fit in your post (this sample one is 600px).
  • Create an image URL, and map it to the appropriate blogs using Image-Maps. (click links for tutorials on doing both of those).
Here's how it would look (mine's not linked up)…
  • Grab the code from Image-Maps and scroll up to installation.

METHOD #2: Use Inlinkz (easiest to do, easiest to edit) 

  • Create an account with You get one free image collection with inlinkz, so you don't need to pay for the subscription if this is the only reason you're signing up with them. (If you're planning on hosting link parties, you'll need a subscription!)
  • Create a collection (I won't be going over how to use Inlinkz in this tutorial, but it's easy to figure out). Keep the images small, but add enough columns to stretch the width of your post (you don't want 5 rows of link party buttons going down your post!). For example: I know that 5 columns of 125px images fits nicely in the width of my post. So, if I were doing this, I'd estimate making my collections images about 50px and 12 columns across. You can play around with it some, since you can always go back and edit the collection.
  • Add all of the party links/buttons and then close the collection (otherwise PEOPLE WILL ADD THEIR OWN LINKS!).
  • Grab the code for this collection and scroll up to installation.

METHOD #3: Create individual Image URLs and links.*

  • Save the blog buttons images to your desktop and resize all of them to be a uniform, small size. Create an image URL for each one.
  • Create an image link for each one by using this code:LINK URL“>

2. How Do I Install “Permanent” Social Media Buttons At the Bottom of My Post? 

If you're wanting to add Social Media Buttons meaning: a Sharebar which would allow other people to share your post to on their social media accounts…

  • I recommend using I can't say I think their sharing gadget looks the best or has all my favorite options– but they're pretty good, pretty easy to install, and– most importantly– I haven't experienced any major technological glitches using this one.
  • has a prettier format that I would really prefer to use (and they have a pin it button!), but I experienced some serious malfunctions with this gadget a couple of weeks after installation. I installed it on several of my design clients' blogs as well– about half of them had the same problems I did, half of them had no problems. So it seems to be about a 50/50 chance!
  • Sexy Bookmarks is another great looking and functional one, but (to be totally honest here) I haven't been able to successfully install it yet. If you figure it out– let me know!

All of these share bars are gadgets, so you won't need to install them into the post template.