I usually try to come up with my own creative one-liners, but I have to admit that I stole the super hero bit in the title from the folks over at KICMount.com

“Out of the box, Apple’s iPad does just about everything. Well, everything except cling to vertical surfaces like a super hero.

But thanks to the new KICMount, it now does that too.”


Witty, right? And totally spot on!

KICMount is your iPad’s new buddy. More than that– it’s your new super hero in the kitchen! KICMount is a case that wraps safely  around the back of your iPad while it’s Rare Earth Magnets keep it secured to any metal surface. How do we use it?

For baking of course…

Dsc 3317 Edited

I LOVE using the iPad to pull up recipes in the kitchen. Since I’m pulling recipes almost 99% of the time from Pinterest and Ziplist, using the iPad is really the most convenient way to do it! But my husband is crazy protective over the iPad. Especially since I’m a little rough on things, especially when I’m in the kitchen…

(Can you believe powdered sugar can make your camera lens so sticky it won’t auto-focus anymore? Yeah. True story.)

So I’ve always had to sneak the iPad when I’m baking, or else Chris has a complete panic attack and starts throwing around [totally ridiculous] powdered sugar accusations.

But I don’t get an argument from him now that KICMount is in the kitchen! I can keep it safely out of powdered sugar’s harm’s way and improve the visibility of my recipes. Win-win! I’m completely in love with it.

Dsc 3307 Edited

Oh, and it’s super handy at lunch time! The only time I get a few quiet minutes during the day is when Emma as food in her mouth and Dinosaur Train on the TV. In our old apartment, the kitchen and the living room were joined in such a way that I could simply point her chair in the right direction and she could see the TV.

No such luck in the new apartment. But thanks to KICMount, I can have 28 minutes all to myself again! I’ve even been able to shower in peace again, and really, everyone benefits from that! I just stick the KICMount on the side of the microwave (be careful though! Don’t USE the microwave  while it’s on there!), serve up a grilled cheese, and voila! 28 peaceful minutes just for me (and my shampoo).

Thanks KICMount for restoring a little sanity to my husband and daughter 😉

Guess what! KICMount is giving away a little bit of household sanity to one of YOU! Fill out the rafflecopter form below to enter to win a KICMount for your iPad! This giveaway will run through December 14 at 9:00pm EST and I’ll announce the winner at the Sweet Treats and Swanky Stuff Link Party on Saturday.

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