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These Browned Butter Brownies happened earlier this week, remember? I declared them to be my new favorite go-to brownies. The recipe came from the Coton Colors Happy Everything Cookbook, which I am now completely in love with.

And it's not just the cookbook…

Coton Colors is an adorable family-run company that creates all sorts of  really beautiful and celebratory pieces for your home. The idea behind their popular collection, Happy Everything, is to help you take a moment to celebrate all of those small things in life that make you smile.

I, of course, have taken a special interest in the kitchen line of their Happy Everything Collection.

Coton Colors is SO cute! #cotoncolors

I mean, HELLO super gorgeous ceramic measuring spoons! Could you be any cuter?!?

Only, perhaps if you were tied together with an equally adorable stripey ribbon…

Coton Colors stuff is SO cute! #cotoncolors

I'm such a sucker for those little details. They just make my heart sing. And that's what Coton Colors is all about– the details. Their goal is to help you make every happy moment a notable one with personalized design pieces that will be a fit for every occasion.

And if we're going to talk details, let's puh-lease talk about this stunning butter dish:

I LOVE this #cotoncolors butter dish!

I really love the yellow surprise on this inside! Because, really– who takes the time to make the *inside* of a butter dish is as cute as the outside?

Coton Colors. That's who.

Oh, you noticed the matching S&P shakers? Want a closer look?

Happy Everything Salt and Pepper Shaker from #cotoncolors

I have really been impressed with the quality of this company. From the beautifully crafted pieces to the recipes that have been created with equal care. And beyond that, really. One peek at their catalog, blog, or website indicates a warmth of spirit and a passion for creation from the owner of this company. Her personality shines through each piece gives all of her work a very personal touch.

Anything from the Happy Everything Collection would make a beautiful and heartfelt gift for a wedding, birthday, or even just to say “I love you.” The signature “Happy Everything” platter is a gorgeous starter piece and goes with over 80 interchangeable additional attachments.

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