Don't you just love October??
Seasonal candy is out– all over the place! Everything you see is some sort of spook! 
And you can just feel your creative juices gearing up for the Holiday season!!
You know that feeling? 
When you're walking down the candy/baking aisle at the grocery store, and all of a sudden your brain is going about a thousand miles a minute, and you're just thinking:
“oooooooh, I could make this with that, and I'll need some of those for this, and wouldn't these go great together???”

LOVE. IT. Love it. Best time of year, October through December! Enjoy it folks. 
Soak up every minute! 

Buy all of the seasonal candy and sprinkles. Grab the colored melting chocolates off the shelf, and stock up on cute cupcake liners and toppers!!! 
This is the dessert pinnacle of the year! Go crazy!
And by the looks of last week's Sweet Treats Party, I think some of you already have!
Look at these! Aren't they fantastic? Reese's Owls by Inside Brucrew Life.
Nutella Puppy Chow, by Chef-in-Training.
Oh, Nutella. How I love thee.
And here's another Reese's (plus Butterfinger and Heath!) recipe: 
Halloween Candy Bark by Caramel Potatoes.
(You'll need this one next week– all that leftover candy!)
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Time to show me what else you've been up to!
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