Sweet Treats and Swanky Stuff Link Party

Welcome to the par-tay!!

So, a few things…

I’ve been moving all week, so this will be a condensed version of the Sweet Treats & Swanky Stuff Link party (no features– sorry!).

I am SO grateful to everyone who applied to be a collections contributor! And I know that I promised to have the “team” picked out and announced by tonight, but… I don’t. (Sorry again!) Moving/cleaning/unpacking is super crazy right now, but we’re making progress and I will definitely get this done within the week– so plan on hearing from me soon!

I have 31 unread messages in my inbox. I’m going to play the “I’m Moving” card one more time here… If you’ve emailed me, I hope you’ll forgive me for a delayed response! At the moment, our internet connection is a little spotty (as we’re mooching off our new out-of-town neighbors until ours is set up), and I’m relying on my phone for pretty much all internet needs. I promise, I’ll get my inbox cleared out in the next 7 days!!

And lastly…. I’ve just got one link party for you today– Sweet Treats and Swanky Stuff all together this week :) No cute graphics or anything, forgive me?

I promise, it’ll be an AWESOME party next week to make up for the lack of awesome-ness this week. If you want to follow along all the moving-time fun, catch me on Instagram, Twitter, and my Pinterest Moving Board!

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