Sugar Cookie Lunchbox Notes from Lizy B Bakes

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I am so in love with this post, I’ve been itching to share it all week!! Lizy B is an amazingly talented cookie decorator and blogger! I admire the heck out of cookie decorators (as I am terrible at it!) and was stoked when Lizy agreed to appear on Something Swanky! Make sure to swing by her place to see all the amazing cookies and to say HI!

Hi everyone!  

I’m Elizabeth and I blog over at Lizy B! 
 I’m a mom, a wife, chauffeur to two little men, homework helper, boo-boo fixer, and somewhere along the way became a baker, blogger and writer!  

Crazy huh?

When Ashton asked if I’d like to write a post for her blog, I was beyond thrilled!  (I’ve been a regular party girl here on Thursdays for quite some time).  But then the baker’s equivalent to ‘what am I going to wear’ kicked in….

what the heck should I make????

I wanted to do something different…something back to schoolish….

hmmm…..what to do, what to do?!

So I went to Target.

(There’s always something helpful to be found at Target..)

I found these!!

Lunch box notes to put in your munchkins’ lunch as a little pick-me-up!

So stinkin’ cute!

When I was in grade school, 
my girlfriend Amber always found little notes in her lunch box from her mom.  
Sometimes it was a comic strip from the newspaper,
 other times a little message on her napkin.

It was something I never forgot, so when Ethan, my older son, 
started school, I couldn’t wait to send him little love notes.

It didn’t go quite so well.

He was mortified.

So I stopped, but I never forgot about them.

Now that Jack is going to kindergarten, 
I have another shot at this lunch box love note business.

I think these might be cool enough to not be embarrassing.

Especially when you are trying to be a big, brave kindergartener that doesn’t need his mom……

But I’m thinking I can come up with something even cooler…

What if your little note, was really your snack?

You can’t be embarrassed by your snack, right?

Okay, hugs and kisses and I Love You’s might be a little embarrassing.

Maybe I’ll stick with inspirational.

I’m hoping there won’t be anything stressful enough about Kindergarten that he’ll need that one, but you never know.

Oh!  The school play! 
 Yup, that one will be good.

Here’s my favorite.

Octopus hugs!!!

I think he’ll like them.

And if he’s embarrassed….

…he can eat the evidence!

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