Substitute for Mango: Best Alternatives for Optimal Yumminess

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For those who love the tropical fruit mango, finding a good substitute can sometimes be challenging. Whether you’re out of season or allergic, having a substitute for mango can be quite handy.

This post will explore the best substitutions you can find and use, providing you with plenty of options to keep your fruit salads, Indian cuisine, or sweet recipes delicious and full of flavor.

Peaches: A Sweet Substitute

Peaches have a similar sweet taste and texture to fresh mangoes, making them a suitable substitute in some recipes. Plus, peaches are typically available year-round in many places, making them a convenient option.

Peaches, a sweet and juicy fruit that can replace mangoes.

If you’re a peach fan, you must try one of our most popular recipes, Paula Deen’s Peach Cobbler. Peach Pie Monkey Bread is another fave.

Papaya: Tropical Flavor Substitute

Papaya, a tropical fruit native to South America, also makes a great replacement for mango. Its unique flavor and creamy texture make it a good alternative, especially in sweet recipes.

Moreover, papayas are rich in dietary fiber and provide many health benefits, similar to mangoes.

Cut open papaya with seeds showing, a great substitute for mango.

Kiwi: A Tangy Twist

Kiwi, or the Chinese gooseberry, makes a wonderful substitute. Its tart flavor and bright green color can add a tangy twist to your fruit salads or desserts. While it has a less juice content compared to mangoes, it’s a great option if you’re after a unique flavor.

Sliced kiwi, a tangy fruit that can substitute mangoes.

Amchur (Mango) Powder: Dried Substitute

Amchur powder, a spice made from dried mangoes, is a common substitute in Indian cuisine. It imparts a tart taste similar to green mangoes, making it perfect for adding a tangy note to your dishes. You can find amchur powder in South Asian grocery stores or online.

Amchur powder

Red Bell Pepper: Savory Mango Substitute

For savory dishes, red bell pepper is a great alternative. It has a similar texture to mango and adds a unique flavor to dishes. Try it in your mango salsa or salad for best results.

Sliced red bell pepper

Oranges: Citrusy Substitute

Oranges, with their sweet and slightly tangy flavor, make a good substitute for mango in recipes that require a citrusy touch. Their juice can be used in place of mango puree, and their zest can add a refreshing twist to your dishes.

Green Papaya: Unripe Mango Substitute

Green papaya can also be used as a substitute for mango, especially unripe mango. It’s a key ingredient in many South East Asian salads and provides a crunchier texture compared to the softness of a ripe mango. Its relatively neutral taste makes it a versatile substitute.

Green papaya, a good substitute for unripe mango.

Pomegranate Seeds: Little Gems

Pomegranate seeds, with their sweet and slightly tart taste, can be a good option as a substitute for mango. These little gems can add a crunch and refreshing flavor to your salads and desserts. Plus, they’re packed with health benefits, making them a great addition to your diet.

Pomegranate seeds, a healthy and flavorful substitute for mango.


While the distinctive taste and texture of mango are hard to replicate, these substitutes can provide similar flavors and textures in your dishes. Whether it’s a sweet peach, a tangy kiwi, or a savory red bell pepper, there are plenty of other fruits and vegetables you can use as a substitute for mango. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the best alternative that suits your taste and dietary needs.

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