Skinny BTS Cake... YES! I said SKINNY! |

Apparently, my weekend got away from me just a bit… so Skinny MONDAY it is!

As always, thanks for reading these Skinny Saturday posts. It means the world to me to have found so much support from so many people as I endeavor to lose weight (ugh… and documenting my efforts) while continuing dessert blogging.

This week was…. informative for me. My Mother's Day gift was a little heart rate monitor that you wear strapped to your arm 23 hours a day. It tracks your sleep, the calories you burn, and the number of steps you take in a day. Here's what I've learned about health habits this week:

Some days, I burn a LOT more calories than I ever thought I did by just doing normal stuff, like shopping, going to the park, etc. Like… almost 4,000 calories! Which means I should be eating way more calories on those days than the standard 1200 cals most calorie counters advise me to eat. And it also means (in my opinion) that I shouldn't feel guilty about not getting in a “real” workout on those days. When I saw my calories burned count for this particular day (it was like 3958 cals), a light bulb clicked. And it made me realize that no wonder I was starving on some days more than others. It's not because I'm a pig! It's because I'm burning calories. And 1200 calories is NOT enough to sustain me on a 4,000 calories burned day. That's a set up for failure if I ever saw one!

The other side of that story is: I also learned that I do not burn almost 4,000 calories every day. The day after I saw that initial reading, I thought– oh! I can practically eat whatever I want! I have at least 2,000 calories I can eat, for sure! And I didn't check my monitor almost the whole day. At the end of the day, I realized that I had barely broken the 2,000 calories burned mark.

Which leads me to my next lesson learned: I need a 1,000 calorie deficit to lose an average of 2 lbs per week (my long-standing goal). So there actually are many days that I need to stay close to 1,200 calories. I had been thinking that as long as I came under the calories burned amount, I'd still lose weight. But if I'm eating nearly all of my calories, and just barely staying under, I'll only maintain. Which sounds obvious in writing, but it really took seeing the numbers and doing the math for it to actually click in my mind.

Anyway. Overall, I'm loving my Mother's Day gift! And there's nothing like a little bit (or a lot) of knowledge to make you feel just a little bit more empowered and motivated!

Skinny BTS Cake... YES! Skinny! |

When I first started these Skinny Saturday posts, I made a personal commitment to not include any “professional” (brand work) posts in the series. I wanted to make sure that these posts were just about me, and that I wasn't writing them for anyone else or under any sort of a deadline.

But today I'm breaking my rule a little bit. I had the opportunity to try out some clothing from a fitness wear brand, and I just thought this post would be the perfect time to tell you all about them, because I. am. smitten.

And I figured, why not?? We're all here to talk about getting skinny and working out anyway, right!? Now we're just talking about getting skinny and looking cute while working out 🙂 . Have you heard of Albion Fit yet? I've been seeing reviews for them all over the place, and I was really excited to have a chance to try some of their stuff out for myself!

Albion Fit offers beautiful, comfortable, high performance fitness and swimwear for active women!  I need a company like this in my life, because I seriously cannot be trusted to find nice-looking workout clothes on my own. Proof here.

I L-O-V-E these Optimum Capris. They're fitting in all the right places (read: slimming), but they don't pinch ANYWHERE. And they're definitely not too tight around my waist. I felt like they hit exactly the perfect spot, actually. I don't have to worry about holding my pants up when I bend over, but they don't come up over my stomach (which makes me feel claustrophobic).

#albionfit Rocks!


I managed to find a little bravery inside of me and also ordered the Blousy  Swimsuit. Yes. I. did.

And it's the most comfortable suit I've ever tried on. It's maybe the first one I've worn as an adult that doesn't have me worrying about bending over or… you know. Too much unwanted skin showing. But at the same time, it's very chic (uh, yeah.I just said chic. My sister is doubled over laughing somewhere right now), and flattering. I think my husband actually summed it up best when he said, “if they have that in other colors, you should buy one of each!”

Thanks, hon 😉

But, because I know not all of you will feel quite the same way as my husband does about seeing me in a swim suit, I'm going to show it off on the model instead. We're all ok with that, right?

#albionfit rocks!


The best part of this post (maybe even better than the recipe?! …wait, did I just say that out loud?) is that Albion Fit is giving away $100 worth of women's Albion Fit  fitness and swim wear to YOU! Simply use the rafflecopter below to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner has been drawn and contacted. Will update once confirmed.

Winner is Brenda! Congrats!

This week I wanted to make a really fabulous skinny recipe to go along with my Albion Fit review and giveaway. And since so many of you love BTS cakes, I went for a Skinny BTS cake.

Here's the thing. In all honesty… No. It does not taste just like a normal BTS cake. The sugar free cake mix really changes the flavor of the cake, and there's not much you can really do about that. However, sugar free doesn't bother me. And I still thought this cake was pretty great. Especially if you're watching what you eat and limiting your sugar– this is a real treat!

You still get all the fundamental components of a BTS cake, but with some key substitutions. So, the chocolate cake is still cake. But it's made using a sugar free cake mix and diet coke (don't use club soda instead). The sweetened condensed milk is replaced by Boston Cream Pie yogurt and almond milk, which fills the holes and moistens the cake (my favorite part)! And it's topped with Cool Whip free and about a tablespoon of Heath bits, with a small drizzle of caramel sauce (which covers more than you might think!). Enjoy!

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Skinny BTS Cake


  • 1 - 16 oz box Sugar Free chocolate cake mix
  • 1 - 12 oz can Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper**
  • 1 - 6 oz cup Yoplait Boston Cream Pie Yogurt
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 - 8 oz tub Cool Whip Free
  • 1 tbsp. Heath Bits
  • 1 tbsp. fat free caramel sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Gently whisk together the cake mix and the diet coke until smooth batter forms. **You don't need to use the entire can of soda, but most of it (about 10 ounces). It won't wreck anything if you do use the entire can, but I'd advise you to pour a little at a time, and when it starts to look like a normal cake mix batter should look, stop pouring.
  3. Pour the batter into a well greased 9x13 baking dish and bake according to the time directed on the box for a 9x13 pan (about 35 minutes).
  4. Remove and let cool completely. Once cool, use the bottom of a wooden spoon to poke lots of holes over the top of the cake (about 30 holes). Spread them evenly as this is how the yogurt mixture will soak into the cake.
  5. Whisk together the yogurt and almond milk. You want it to be thin enough to pour in the holes, but thick enough that it won't make the cake too soggy. It's possible you'll want to add an extra tablespoon or two of almond milk to get it just right. Pour mixture over the the cake, trying to fill the holes.
  6. Spread the cool whip over top. Sprinkle with Heath bits and top with caramel sauce (I like the squirt bottle for this because 1 tbsp goes quite a bit further when you can squirt rather than spoon it).
  7. Let chill over night so the yogurt seeps into the cake. Cut and serve. Serves 12.

195 calories per serving.

  • Next weigh in: May 25
  • Weight Loss: 0 lbs