Thanks for being here!! I sure do love seeing each of your comments each Saturday, motivating and pushing me forward. It always makes my week!

Today is going to be the shortest Skinny Saturday report ever, as life is CR-A-ZY for the next 4-ish weeks. So, please excuse my brevity!

I’ve gone a little crazy and resorted to a super low calorie diet/cleanse type thing. It’s basically lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. And lots of water of course! I’m not eating any sugar or sugar substitutes– which is sort of a huge deal for me. I’m not even drinking my beloved Crystal Light or diet sodas. The plan is to do this for a few weeks. I’m just trying to get my bearings again and reset the way my body thinks about food. Then I’m planning to slowly re-introduce other foods back into my diet, yes– including sweets (but in serious moderation).

And if you’re wondering… yes. There is a little more to this than just the diet. But I’m not ready to go into details on that quite yet. So just stick with me, and I promise to completely divulge everything I’m doing in due time.

Anyway. Things are going pretty well. It’s hard, for sure. Yesterday I made the most perfect looking cookies I’ve ever made and didn’t so much as lick a bit of the dough from my fingers! Excruciating. But an unprecedented feat of self control in this house, so I’ll take my gold star for that 🙂 .

My plan for the blog is to continue posting like normal, but I won’t be tasting any new recipes. Fortunately, I have plenty of photos saved up from recipes I’ve done over the past couple of months (and was able to taste test). When those run out, I’ll just stick to making and posting family classics that I’ve made and eaten a million times before! I think I have enough of those up my sleeves to last me through the no-taste-testing portion of this “cleanse.”

That’s it’s for now! Can’t wait to see how this goes and give you more updates!

  • Last Month: 183
  • Today: 181.6
  • +/- : -1.4

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