Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers Recipe

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Did you catch my Ritz Rolo Bark last week?
I kind of loved it.
But then I thought a little higher Ritz to Rolo ratio could be really awesome.
So today’s treat is a Rolo Stuffed Ritz Cracker.
It’s an awesomely easy-to-make, salty-sweet, caramel and chocolate combo.
Simply place ritz crackers on a cookie sheet, and top each one with a Rolo candy.
Place in an oven at 350º. Remove when Rolos are melted and top with a second Ritz.
Let cool to harden, and eat them by the handfuls.
Seriously, Ritz and Rolo are such an unbelievable combination!
I will never be able to look at a Ritz Cracker the same way again.

And, as a side note: I also tried Snickers and Reese’s in the middle. Didn’t work. 
The nougat in the Snickers won’t soften enough to press down with the cracker, 
and the Reese’s peanut butter doesn’t really melt (scary?).

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33 thoughts on “Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers Recipe”

  1. I love this snack – sweet and salty – MY favorite! I once tried to smoosh a bite sized Snickers into the top of a cookie…YUCK. Snickers are not meant to be melted. Frozen…YES! But melted…ECK!

  2. This is awesome!!! I think I would go one step farther and dip them in chocolate…but that is just the extreme chocolate lover in me! And the peanut butter in reeses doesn’t melt? Hhhhmmm that’s interesting but it won’t stop me from consuming outrageous amounts of them:-)

  3. Hahahahaha Reese’s didn’t melt (scary?) I agree with Jocelyn; I think I’ll be okay and still eat a bunch of PB cups but still, that is slightly suspicious 🙂 also, you are offish my favorite sweet and salty queen. I love Ritz crackers and the caramel in the middle sounds SO good.

  4. Oh my heck. Genius!!! What a great little snack. ANd I say snack because crackers are a snack and not dessert. No matter what’s inside. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it =o) Totally making these!!!!

  5. Ohhh, you’re my new best friend, lol, because I am so making a huge batch of these for Father’s Day =) He’ll think I’ve slaved 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff

  6. Oh wow,,,something so very simple but with a huge taste! Thanks ever so much for sharing something we can make in a jif !

  7. I have tried this recipe, the caramel flavour comes through more than the chocolate. There is just the right amount of chocolately filling between the Ritzes once they are done. It’s a good idea to chill them in the fridge afterwards to help them cool down faster, but I didn’t leave them in too long as I didn’t want them to set hard.

  8. So I saw another pin of these on pinterest and I recreated them (and dipped them in chocolate!) for a recent post on Couponing & Cooking. In my research to give credit to the original creator I figured out after clicking through five different sites that YOU were the original creator of these babies! They are amazing! Thanks for the idea/inspiration!

  9. Hard to believe that just two items combined could be so HEAVENLY! I made these this morning for my husband to take into work and he just called to tell me that they disappeared within a half an hour! We snacked on one as soon as it came out of the oven and was topped with the other Ritz and then had another after they thoroughly cooled. Thank you for the recipe…incredibly yummy!


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