Recipe Roundup: Cake Rolls

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Images sourced to the sites listed and linked below

1. Awesome Roll Cake Tutorial {How Does She?}
2. German Chocolate Cake {Food Network}
3. Lemon Cream Roll {Pillsbury}
4. Red Velvet Cake Roll {Lola Elise}
5. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll {Ice Cream Cake}
6. Chocolate Cake Roll {Kraft Foods What’s Cooking}
7. Strawberry Roll {Martha Stewart}

There’s been a slight change to Pinterest Tuesday in that there will no longer be a “Pinterest” Tuesday. I’ve decided to change it to a “Recipe Roundup.” I found that I was finding one pin on Pinterest that I really liked and then just surfing Google to find related recipes and then pinning those recipes.
While I still love Pinterest (a lot), I’ve decided to skip that extra step of pinning each recipe to my Pinterest Tuesday board just for the sake of calling this post “Pinterest Tuesday.” And now, each of the links below will take you directly to the site of the image instead of to Pinterest first.
And you can still find these posts pinned to my Pinterest Tuesday board— so don’t despair!

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