Take the 20 minutes/day reading pledge with #LeapFrog www.somethingswanky.com Just like anything else, reading takes practice to get it right! Studies show that  kids who read 20 minutes or more per day score in or above the 90th percentile, while those who read less than 10 minutes per day score under the 75 percentile. And, of course, reading majorly boosts success at school! I’ve mentioned before, that Emma has a speech delay and a little bit of a learning delay. The first red flag I noticed and paid any attention to was her complete lack of interest in board books. A year ago (at 21 months) I couldn’t get her to sit in my lap to look at the pictures, much less point and interact. And forget about words! Take the 20 minutes/day reading pledge with #LeapFrog www.somethingswanky.com These days, Emma loves to read. And it’s super rewarding to see her sit with a big stack of books and thumb through pages, recognizing and talking to her favorite characters as she comes across them. When I saw this campaign from Leap Frog, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. I was excited to incorporate a fun and beneficial activity with Emma into what I do as a blogger. We are having so much fun with our Tag Jr. Reading System! The book set we’ve been reading is called “Toddler Milestones” and is all about the different things Emma is experiencing as a toddler! We’re reading about potty training, feelings, and what to do when there’s a new baby (although we’re not there quite yet)! Take the 20 minutes/day reading pledge with #LeapFrog www.somethingswanky.com The system comes with a little Scout reader, who greets Emma with her name every time she turns it on. She simply hovers Scout over a word or picture, and he tells her what word is on the page or names the picture! I love that it’s given her even more independence in reading. While I love reading to her in my lap, and we still do that even with Scout, I love that she can sit by herself and still hear the sounds that she can identify with what she sees on the pages. This Leap Frog reading system has enabled her to been completely and totally engaged in a book all by herself, and elevated her interest in reading at such a young age!

We are spending at least 20 minutes a day reading together are loving it. I’m so excited to introduce her to new Leap Frog material as she grows and progresses into new levels of learning. Leap Frog, Emma, and I would like to invite you to take the 20 Minutes a Day reading pledge! You can read about it here or on the Leap Frog Facebook page!  

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