My absolute favorite features in Picmonkey are the scalloped labels (in overlays).
I think scalloped borders are adorable. 
I guess that’s why I can’t stop putting them all over my blog. Cute!
I’ve had a couple of requests to do a scalloped edges tutorial, so that’s what today is.

It’s really super easy– and did I mention how cute?
I’m going to cover two different uses for scalloped edges in your photo editing and blog designing:
1) as an embellishment or divider; just a straight scalloped line. 
2) as a picture frame/window

A Scalloped Edge as Embellishment or Divider*
2. Choose overlays. Select the scalloped square:

3. Size it and adjust the color.
4. Duplicate the scalloped square (for the purpose of this tutorial, my squares will be different colors).
5. Move the second square to overlap with the first square, taking care to line up the edges so that no seam shows. Continue to duplicate and overlap squares until you’ve reached your desired length.
6. Select the rectangle overlay. Change the color to white, and size it to cover most of the squares, only leaving the scalloped border exposed. Merge layers.

7. Have fun playing with different sizes! And when you’re done and ready to save, just make sure to crop it down to just the line of scallop that you want to use on your blog!

Scalloped Edges as a Picture Frame/Window

1. Upload your white starter image to
2. Select the scalloped square.

(if you’re framing a square image, or you just want to leave it a square, you can skip down to step #4 )
3. Just like we did for the edges above, duplicate and layer the squares until you’ve reached your desired length (see notes/tips).

4. Select the rectangle overlay. Change it to white. Size the rectangle to fit inside the scalloped squares.

5. Merge layers and add your photo, texts, and/or other images! Don’t forget to crop before you save!


  • When creating a scalloped frame for a photo, you may want to upload your photo layer first– just so you know what size you need the frame to be! Simply right-click on the scalloped square and select “Send to Back” to place the square behind your photo.
  • Always save as .png instead of .jpg for a crisper looking image.
  • Use the scalloped border as a post divider or sidebar section divider in your blog design!
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