We've had such a crazy, busy, fun, really awesome week!

I'll start with a couple of around-the-house photos I took, before I get into our big events for the week:

CJ is really into “fixing things.” He loves going to the hardware store with Dad and hammering things in the garage while Chris is working on the bookshelves. Anytime I need to distract him from a tantrum, I'll hand him a wrench and tell him something needs fixing. And poof! Tantrum over, because he's got to get to business!

Last weekend, he dragged his nasty old Lightning McQueen yard toy into the house, hauled it up onto the kiddie table, and started tinkering around underneath with a wrench.


I also snapped a few cute shots over the weekend of the kids with a cake that I made (recipe coming soon!).


Now for the real fun! We flew out to Utah on Tuesday for my baby sister's wedding!! ????????

The travel day began and ended with one of the kids throwing up, but the actual traveling during the day went pretty seamlessly. The kids were both pretty thrilled to be on a plane (they've both flown before, but they don't remember at all).


The day after we arrived, we did family wedding portraits– which was a brilliant move by our photographer, since the next day (wedding day) was filled with snow, wind, and rain ????.


The kids had fun running around together. We tried to corral them together for a few photos, which went so-so, but they're all pretty cute no matter what so it's fine.


Speaking of the photography, Addy's photographer was one of my long-time favorite blogging friends, Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake!  It was so much fun to hang out with her while she was on the job, and I got a peek at some of the photos she took. They're amazing, of course!


After the wedding, we made a quick stop by Swig on the way to the reception. I'm obsessed. I crammed as many sugar cookies and Big Als into our week as I could.



We squeezed in a little more fun after the wedding on our last day in Utah catching up with some old friends at BYU and visiting the Puppy Barn! It was seriously so much fun, and I just adore this family.


So that's our wild and crazy week in a nutshell! I wish I had a little more energy to write and tell you about all of the fun we had. But after a week of traveling with the kids, I'm feeling pretty good just to get the pictures up 🙂 You parents out there understand, right?!

Here's one last cute shot before I sign off…


Have a great week, my friends!