15 days until Christmas. Did you hear me? 15 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

All the wide-eyed worried emojis. ????????????????????

I don’t even have one wrapped present under my tree. Literally, everything is just laying out on the guest bed or stuffed in my closet. All in Target bags, naturally. I’m so grateful Emma isn’t old enough to think about snooping around for her gifts, because they wouldn’t be hard to uncover this year! Must. wrap. gifts!!!!!

Anyway. Speaking of the Christmas tree…







You guys should have seen me at the tree lot. I was being so obnoxious with the camera. Chris was trying so hard to be patient, and I’m all like “We’re making memories!!! Let me take 8 billion pictures, okay?!”

Some really sweet lady offered to take one of the whole family, and I was so relieved to not have to awkwardly walk up to someone and be like, “I’m kind of obsessively weird about the picture-taking thing, will you take one of us getting our Christmas tree??” ????

So after the Christmas tree came the gingerbread men





We had so much fun with these, I think we’re going to make it a new family tradition. The cookies were easier to make than I thought they would be, and we all ended up liking gingerbread (which I wasn’t 100% sure was going to happen). You can find the recipe right here.


Not quite scooting yet, but we’re getting close! This happy guy keeps me company during most of my photo shoots for the blog. I let him play with the off-season fake fruit ????.



A little sibling love to wrap things up. This guy this his sister hung the moon ❤️.


What I’m Loving

Hi, I’m Ashton and I’m addicted to Christmas treats.

Like Chocolate Covered Gingerbread (from World Market):



And Cocoa Dusted Truffles (we usually find these at Costco, but this year I bought at Aldi!):


Costco Peppermint Bark…



And Candy Cane Tootsie Pops. Just to name a few.



At the moment, I’m also obsessed with sending out Starbucks and Amazon e-cards as holiday gifts for friends who live far away and clients. I’m hoping it doesn’t come across as impersonal, because I kind of think it’s genius ????.



That’s it from me! Have an AWESOME and treat-filled weekend 🙂

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