Omg. It’s December. I truly don’t know where the year has gone. As in… I’m genuinely not sure I can remember most of it. ????

My second child robbed me of all my brain cells. I’m certain of it.

Anyway. It’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted about what we’ve been up to, so I’ve got a bunch of pictures to share with you this week!


For starters, this kid cut TWO teeth! And omg, he is such a champ.

My daughter put us through the ringer when she was cutting teeth– full blown fevers, upset stomach and raging diaper rashes, total and absolute sleep refusal, the whole 9 yards. AND she took months and months to cut a tooth. We would see it almost poking through (there would even be blood– yes, actual blood under her gums), and then the tooth would go back down. It was a NIGHTMARE, and I have been dreading teething with this one since before he was born. As it turns out, all that worry was for naught. He was amazing! A little bit fussy, a little extra night waking, and voila– 3 days later, we had a tooth.

I’ll take that any day of the week, my friends. Any day.


My daughter made this cake, and we all fell in love. I even made it again a few days later for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving… this is a glimpse what ours looked like:








We spent the holiday weekend in Washington DC with my brother-in-law and his wife. I burned pretty much all the food (since it took me the entire day to adjust to a gas stove), but we salvaged enough to have ourselves a little feast and it was basically still delicious ????.

Has anyone seen that meme that says something like, “I’m glad I can slave away all day over a Thanksgiving feast so my child can eat a roll.”? I can’t remember where I saw that, but I was dying over it. It was all too true at our table!

Here are some other snippets of our trip:










We love, love, love Washington D.C. It’s become our favorite family get away, and I just can’t recommend it enough 🙂


What I’m Loving

You guys. LULAROE.

Are you obsessed too??? Fact: I have NEVER been one to get very caught up in MLM-type products or companies. But I got bit by the LuLaRoe bug in a bad way, and I can’t get enough. My sister-in-law gave me one of their shirts and let me try on a pair of her leggings on our first day in DC (Wednesday night). By the end of Thanksgiving day, I was already signing up to be a consultant.

12286059_931816870238400_304769460_n (2)

Yup. For real. I’m the process of making it happen.

Don’t worry real-life, in-person friends. I’m not coming for ya. I don’t have any plans to be pushy or host awkward parties or anything (no offense to you party-hosting rock stars out there). But if you want the most comfy leggings and cutest loose-fitting shirts you’ve ever worn in your life, come see me in a couple of months when I have my inventory. If there’s anything left I don’t keep for myself. ????

I cannot freaking wait.


I just got these leggings in the mail, and I want to live in them forever.

The end.


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