TGIF, friends!

Here’s some of the fun that went down in the Swank family this week:


Blue Eyes started solid foods and LOVES carrots. I had high hopes it would get him to sleep through the night, but no dice…



It’s always nice when math and color sorting align with free child labor ????. Emma helped me sort out the “Rudolph noses” for a yummy project that will be hitting the blog in the next few weeks. Be on the look out!


We took a day trip to visit my Grandparents over the weekend and it was so much fun. I think no matter how old I get, no matter how many littles I take with me, I’ll always feel a little bit like I’m a kid again when I sit at my Grandma’s kitchen table or when I walk to the river with my Grandpa.





Speaking of my Grandma’s kitchen… she made her family famous chocolate trifle for Sunday dinner, and I posted the recipe yesterday. I considered re-making it when I got home so that I could stage it to photograph, but then I decided that I liked being able to share with you guys what it looks like when it’s actually made and served by Grandma. And showing you guys what my photography looks like when I’m more concerned with eating it, rather than showcasing it’s best angle. You can get the recipe here.

Grandma's Chocolate Trifle


What I’m Loving


Wait. What?

I promise, this isn’t me just being late to the party. I’ve been on Pinterest forever. But somewhere along the way, Pinterest turned into work for me. And I stopped getting on Pinterest to do anything other than the scheduled pinning I needed to do for Something Swanky. This week, I’ve rediscovered my love of pinning just for FUN. I’ve logged on several times this week (sometimes more than once in a day! Whaaaaaa?!) and just pinned ALL. THE. THINGS. that looked good to me with reckless abandon.

If you want to join in my newly rekindled Pinterest shenanigans, be sure to follow me!


And while we’re on the topic, here are a few of the afore mentioned pins that I’m LOVING…

Have a great weekend! I’ll see ya on Monday 🙂

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