Happy Thursday everyone!

I have a looooooot of pictures for you this week! And I promise they're not all of my snotty-nosed, drool-bucket baby. But some of them are…

Please do not pin.

That has been the story of our week right there: snot and drool. Lots of it. He's either teething, has an ear infection, or a sinus infection. I really can't tell, the symptoms are all the same! I think he's improving though, so we're not heading for the doctor yet.

In other baby news… we have a crawler! I loved watching him figure it out. Over the course of a few hours, I watched him discover all the different sitting and propped up positions he could maneuver into and then launch right into crawling all over the place. Emma likes to drag a teething necklace around for him to crawl after, like a cat chasing a string ????.

Please do not pin.

Please do not pin.

Of course… now that he can crawl, he's realized he has the option to get to me whenever he wants. And I get a lot of this ☝.

Okay, so besides CJ crawling and drooling all over the place, I have some other exciting pictures to show you! My brother and his wife just announced that they are pregnant and we did a really fun announcement photoshoot.

My brother is in med school, and we thought it would be a lot of fun to incorporate that:




So stinking cute. And we are so excited for more baby!!!

What I'm Loving

Soooooo……. I did a LOT of shopping this month ????. #sorrynotsorry

And normally I wouldn't style and shoot all my personal stuff like this, but there were so many pretty things I wanted to show you guys that I couldn't help myself.



For starters, I finally bought a couple of sprinkle mixes from Sweetapolita. I've been meaning to for AGES and am so happy that I finally did it! I bought the Birthday Party medley and the Pastel Dreams medley.

Now I just need to start baking and frosting and sprinkling EVERYTHING!



Next: new business cards from Moo.com.

Another item that has been on my to-buy list forever. I don't use business cards all that often now that I don't go to many blog conferences, but I still like to have them on hand to give to people who ask about my blog. It's just easier (and more impressive) than having to write it down.

I love the option at Moo to have a variety of custom photos on the back of your cards. I uploaded several (you can do up to 50!) of my favorite photos from Something Swanky. I didn't include it in this photo, but I also did a card with my book cover on it. It's like the perfect shape for a business card!



Ok. Is anyone else OBSESSED with Alex & Ani? I've been hearing about these bracelets for forever. But I just never paid much mind. I can't even remember why I started looking, but I found these two bracelets during my eBay surfing and fell in LOVE. Since then, I've also ordered a Chargers bangle and a BYU bangle. I think they are super cute and really affordable!




Lastly (well… of the things I'm sharing– seriously, the shopping was out of control this month! I'll probably have a lot to share next week too!), I got my new PPB diaper bag! ????


Honestly, you guys don't even know how happy bags make me. And this one is serious beauty + functionality. It's the first full-price diaper bag I've ever bought, and so far it's totally worth every penny.

I'm kind of tired of hearing myself talk, and I'm sure you are too (if you're still with me ????), so I'll let you go to the PPB for the deets on your own. I'll just say: favorite diaper bag so far. And I've had some diaper bags!

Whew! That's it from me this week. I'm off to carpool 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend ????.

My weekend Netflix rec: Flip or Flop. I'm obsessed.