We had a busy, big week in our house!

A daddy daughter dance, Valentine's day, THREE teeth cut with at least as many sleepless nights, a stomach bug, learning to crawl, and a Women's conference that I got to speak at with my mom. Plus… all the other normal stuff 🙂

Emma was especially jazzed for Valentine's day. She picked out Minnie Mouse valentine's to hand out to her class. (Is anyone else just in awe of Disney's marketing prowess? I'm constantly amazed at how they continue to perpetuate an audience for their oldest characters like Mickey and the gang. They are geniuses over there.)


(Excuse the post-shower uncombed hair. Sometimes, by the end of the night, the thought of combing her hair just feels like more energy than I can muster ????. I just let her “brush” it herself, and we're both happy.)


The Daddy Daughter dance was Friday night, and they were so cute! I adore this red sequined skirt. Is that not just too perfect for Valentine's day or what? Plus, it's on clearance at Target!





The first thing she did after I applied her lipstick was plant a gigantic smooch on her brother's forehead. Haha. I love his face, he's like, “uh, can anyone help me out here??”



On Saturday, I woke up with a stomach bug ????. And it lasted all the way through Monday morning. Which means I was still pretty out of commission on Valentine's Day. Fortunately, we decided to go super low key this year.

We made Red Velvet Pancakes for breakfast, with a small gift and some candy for Emma. I wrote Chris a card. And during one of my many naps, he and Emma decorated my side of the room with lots and lots of colored hearts filled with love notes!



Honestly, it's been one of my very favorite gifts to date, and I don't know how they'll ever top it next year.


What I'm Loving

I am a clip art junkie. I could spend hours and hours perusing Etsy's clip art collection (and who knows how much money). I like using it for blog stuff, of course, but also for little fun projects like birthday invitations or gift tags or printables. I found this set of watercolor splashes and fell in love instantly. I used them for my power point presentations at a local women's conference for my church over the weekend.

cover paintstrokes


Speaking of Women's Day and watercolor… I taught one class about blogging, and my mom and I taught another class that I really liked. It was all about how sometimes the things we perceive on social media aren't an accurate reflection of reality. And that a lot of the time, the people who's lives look perfect on Instagram are really the ones having some of the greatest personal struggles. We can't always tell who is having a hard time, so we should always be kind, loving, and compassionate to everyone that we meet.

We found this quote and used it in our presentation:

final slide

I also loved this quote along those same lines:

Women's Day - Keeping It Real.002


Lastly… I did some prop shopping! This is my biggest income month of the year, so it's sort of like getting a Christmas bonus or something. But in February.

Anyway. I typically like to invest some of what I earn this month into new digs for my business. I didn't get anything huge like a new lens or camera, but I did buy a few cute little things for photos:

These plates (on Etsy):



This set of carousel flatware that I've pined over for eons (Etsy):



Vintage dinner napkins with a crochet border (Etsy):



Annnnnnd a few other things (including a backdrop from Erickson Woodworks and an Ovenex jelly roll pan)!

I seriously can't wait for stuff to get here– it's going to be like Christmas every time the mail shows up for the next few weeks! ????


Happy Thursday! See you next week 🙂